By Krystal Manrique

Aside from your usual Facebook business page, having a Messenger chatbot is a great way to boost your brand awareness and your online presence. A Messenger chatbot can receive pizza orders, schedule meetings, and answer queries. Quite a number of brands are continually coming up with more and more ways to make this feature still more useful and effective.

With chatbot software widely available, you don’t have to be or hire a computer programmer in order to create one in just a matter of minutes. But when you make your chatbot, make sure that you provide a brief description for Facebook to check and verify and for users to read. You should also add your chatbot into the appropriate primary and secondary categories so you can reach your intended audience. Think about ten keywords that your target Messenger users will type into their chat line that would make Facebook’s algorithms show your chatbot link, and include these keywords among your bot’s properties as well. These are the minimum requirements to make your chatbot visible.

As simple as making a chatbot visible may be, it is very different from making it grow in popularity. You must craft a separate strategy to ensure that it gets the right amount of promotion so that more people will know, use, and spread the word about your bot. Here are a few things that will make more people subscribe to your Facebook Messenger chatbot:

1. Include a Messenger button on your website

Adding a social button to your website is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic for your Messenger chatbot. It is a great idea to give website visitors something to click through to go to or share content on your social media channels. A “Send to Messenger” button on your website is sure to enable more users to connect with your chatbot. You can do this by copying and pasting embed codes from your Facebook page that would bring the site visitors to your landing page. You may also use plugins. Adding a “Send Message” button on your Facebook business page itself may also help to generate traffic for your bot.

2. Share only your best, top-performing pieces of content to sustain your audience

Instead of sharing as many pieces of content as you can, make a point of ensuring that your Facebook Messenger chatbot subscribers receive only the finest quality and most popular material so that they will not unsubscribe from you or worse, block you. Since your audience is most likely to engage with you on Facebook Messenger, don’t annoy them with spammy content. Be selective about the content that would want to propagate among them so that you don’t appear to be too invasive.


3. Utilize Click-to-Messenger Ads to promote yourself and generate more traffic at the same time

Click-to-Messenger ads can be used to reach out and attract potential subscribers among Facebook’s users. Not only will you be able to advertise your brand or service but you would generate more traffic for your Messenger chatbot as well. Those who will become interested will click your ad to be able to subscribe to your emails, online newsletters, announcements, podcasts, and other content. Just make sure to make a relevant and compelling ad that is strategically targeted towards an audience to make them more likely to click through. The team at Mobile Monkey with Larry Kim have developed an elite Facebook Advertising Virtual Summit that helps users understand more about Facebook advertising and best practices.

4. Insert your chatbot link along with your e-mail signature

Adding a link to your Facebook Messenger chatbot along with your email signature in your emails can also help spread awareness for your bot. You can also insert your Twitter handle and other social media links. To see how effective this move is, add a UTM code to the link, or use a URL shortening service like Doing this will give you the stats as to how many people are clicking on the Facebook Messenger chatbot link embedded within your email signature.

5. Have your Bot included in Facebook’s Discovery Tab

Facebook’s Messenger Discovery Tab is another arena in which you can become more well-known. However, you will need to start by filling out Facebook’s submission form in order for your chatbot to be included in the Discovery Tab. Facebook’s algorithms will make your chatbot link appear in the Discovery Tab of Facebook users whose psychological profile would make them more likely to click your bot.

By Krystal Manrique

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