By Laurence Bradford.

Level up your JS skills with these free online resources.

Want to dive into the world of web development? Then you need to learn JavaScript (JS). Here are 9 places where you can learn JS for absolutely free, all online.

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Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images If you’ve taught yourself to code before, chances are you’ve already been on Codecademy. The platform has various tracks, including a JavaScript one. Codecademy is a great place for newbies to get started learning how to code. More

Eloquent JavaScript

A free book online, written by Marijn Haverbeke. Broken down into three parts: language, browser, and node. While it is completely free online, you can also purchase a paperback copy of the book.  More

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a massive player in the online learning space. They have tons of learning material, for people of all ages. Everything is free—so no need to worry about any up sells at the end. One of their signature JavaScript courses is Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation. More

JavaScript for Cats

JavaScript for Cats is a free online book, broken down into numerous sections. It comes with cat pics and all. More

Channel 9

This course, “Javascript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners” is a part of Microsoft Virtual Academy. The format is a video series, broken down into 21 videos.  More

Learn-JS offers an interactive learning experience, where you read a lesson and then type your code into an editor. It is completely free.  More offers, “The latest information on how to use the technology that runs the web — HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.”

It has easy-to-digest tutorials written out, as well as glossaries of terms and meanings.  More

Code School

While Code School is a predominantly paid platform, they also have some free courses. One of which being their, “JavaScript Road Trip Part I“. Learn more about Code School and their JavaScript paths. More

JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden is for more advanced people, those who have already learned JavaScript basics. It talks about common mistakes people make while writing JS, and other quirks of the language.  More

By Laurence Bradford

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