According to a recent report Apple is now stopping ad blockers that are blocking adverts in third party apps in iOS.

It was reported that recently that this is something new that Apple is doing after popular apps like Adblock and Weblock are no longer having their updates approved, Apple has confirmed that this is not something new and you can see a statement from Apple below.

“This is not a new guideline. We have never allowed apps on the App Store that are designed to interfere with the performance or capabilities of other apps.” It also said it would remove other apps that offer features that block advertising in third-party apps if they “may have snuck on to the App Store.” Apple added, “We have always supported advertising as one of the many ways that developers can make money with apps.” said and Apple spokesperson.

So whilst these apps may have been available in the app store for some time, Apple has not changed its policies, rather it has started to enforce these policies which it may have not done before.


Sourced from Geeky Gadgets