This is how you do it. Watch and learn, people.

By Nicole Buckler

How do you make yourself a global sensation without having to get the approval of media chiefs of any industry or sit on every casting couch going? You do it yourself. And if you do it well, fans will come. Self-made beauty and lifestyle star Wengie is a perfect example of this. She is smashing it on just about every piece of internet real estate.

Wengie is an international YouTube sensation, and she is the #1 most subscribed channel in Australia, hitting 10 million subscribers in 2017. But it is not only in her native Australia that she is smashing it. With over 700 million video views, Wengie’s global fan base of ‘Wengiecorns’ continues its unprecedented growth. Wengie started her YouTube channel in 2010, to express her passion for truly fluffy videos that give viewers helpful advice, DIY/life hacks, music, reactions and more. The videos have become immensely popular around the world, in places like the UK, and the United States. And of course, here in Ireland.

Anyone with tween daughters knows just how much influence this unicorn in human form has. Born in China, but brought to Australia as an infant, Wengie could recommend anything from a rubbish bin to a doormat and tweens MUST HAVE IT.

Wengie’s global social media following is currently:

  • 10 million YouTube subscribers
  • 1 million Instagram followers
  • 251k Facebook likes
  • 169k followers on Twitter

These are stats that mainstream media channels can only dream of.

Wengie is not stopping at influencer smashing. She is using it as a stepping stone for global domination. Her music and television career have already gained a substantial audience. In 2017, Wengie recorded her first music album in China. And we all know how big the Chinese market is. She is also currently involved in several on-screen projects including being the voice of the 4th PowerPuff Girl (Bliss) on the Cartoon Network. And the thing to remember here is that she has done this all herself, starting with just a computer in her bedroom. What this means is that ANYBODY can do this. ANYONE. Even you.

The Wengie phenomenon is also interesting for marketers. Placing your product with someone like Wengie is a good bet. Her fans love her and she’s entirely unlikely to get herself involved in any scandals or end up in jail with cocaine all over her face. She is a compelling competitor to any other marketing channel, especially if you are selling anything aimed at tweens and teens. Her growing celebrity status has already made her a very much sought-after collaborator for both high-profile and emerging global brands.

The reason for her popularity is that she understands tween and teen girls perfectly. She knows what they need to relax and switch off from their day on the school battlefront. She’s happy, she’s bright, everything is fluffy, and it’s all rainbows. It is devoid of politics, there’s no lecturing, there’s no drama. Just smiley, cutsie, happy hints and tips, in short ten-minute bursts of fragrant goodness. It’s all good. And, she is a sponsors’ dream.

Go the Wengiecorns.