By Becky Zieber

At the end of every year, we take a look back at the blog and see what pieces of content were the most popular. But this year, we decided to take a different spin on it…

In this post, we’ve pulled together the 21 articles on the DigitalMarketer blog that got the most organic traffic in 2018 and ranked them based on the number of pageviews, so you can see how they compare.

Yep… this is the stuff you can’t miss out on.

Coming in #1 (by more than twice the amount of traffic) is…

1. DigitalMarketer’s 101 Best Email Subject Lines of 2018 (…And 7 Top-Notch Subject Lines Pulled from the Vault) – 35,547 Pageviews

Best Digital Marketing articles post 1
Every year, we send millions of emails out to our subscribers. In fact, in 2018, we sent 169,434,375 emails! 

And at the end of every year, we like to collect together all our best-performing subject lines from those 169,434,375 emails to give you a swipe file.

This top-performing blog post is at the top for a reason, since it contains now over 600 proven, swipeable email subject lines that are yours for the taking!

It also has a list of 8 winning characteristics that every high-performing subject line has at least 1 of and 7 top-notch subject lines pulled from the author’s own swipe file.

Make sure you check it out before you send your next email!

2. Customer Avatar Worksheet: Finally, Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To! – 14,525 Pageviews

Best Digital Marketing articles post 2

The customer avatar is the Swiss Army Knife of marketing…

… and we’ve got a writeable PDF version of our Customer Avatar Worksheet (no opt-in required) waiting for you in our #2 blog post.

But why is this post so popular with organic audiences? It could be because the customer avatar can help you with any aspect of digital marketing by giving you information like…

  • Content Marketing—What blog posts, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, etc. should you create to attract and convert your avatar?
  • Paid Traffic—Which ad platforms should you buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use?
  • Product Creation—What solutions is your avatar searching for?
  • Copywriting—How should you describe offers in your email marketing, ads, and sales letters in a way that compels your avatar to buy?
  • Email Marketing—Which avatar should receive a specific email marketing campaign?

Everyone who is selling anything should be using this worksheet, because honestly… there is no higher leverage activity than getting clear on WHO you are selling to.

3. 9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 35,859 Subscribers in 60 Days for DigitalMarketer…) – 11,917 Pageviews

best digital marketing article 3

We like to think we know a thing or two about generating leads, which is why we were thrilled to roll out the 2nd edition of one of our most popular post!

Plus, you’ll get the 8-Point Lead Magnet Success Checklist to print out and put your Lead Magnet through the paces with before launching to your audience.

We’ll show you what makes a great Lead Magnet, and what so many have done wrong before.

So make sure to check this post out when you want to get started on your lead generation.

4. Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business – 9,695 Pageviews

best digital marketing article 4

On January 20th, 2014, Ryan Deiss published (in great detail) the system he used to build ALL of his businesses. And when that post exploded in popularity, getting stats like this…

  • read by 375,191 people
  • shared almost 37,000 times (36,800 to be exact) on various social networks and…
  • received 535 comments

…he decided to update it with even more useful stuff!

So, on August 20th, 2015, Ryan released the second edition of this article with expanded information on…

  • Product/Market Fit (Understand why people buy… and why they don’t.)
  • Acquiring leads and customers with Lead Magnets and Tripwire offers.
  • Maximizing immediate profit so you can pay more than your competition to acquire customers, scale your campaigns or just pocket more cash.

And clearly this was the kind of added benefit that lasts, since the post is #4 in organic pageviews. Check it out to learn more about how the CVO system could help grow your business.

5. 6 Trending Digital Marketing Skills to Put on a Resume – 8,039 Pageviews

best digital marketing articles 5

Coming in at #5 is another popular post, all about what kinds of skills you should have on your resume.

Skills like…

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying/Traffic Acquisition

…are as in demand—or arguably more in demand—today as when this post was published back in 2017, which is why it still ranks in our top 5.

Employers are always looking for people that get this digital marketing “stuff.”

In this post, we give you

  • Job Description
  • Potential salary
  • Job titles

…and the personality attributes you need to acquire the 6 hottest skills in the industry.


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By Becky Zieber

Sourced from Digital Marketer