Is your Facebook ad campaign generating a good return on ad spend? Want to know how to scale it to get more sales?

In this article, you’ll discover two different scaling methods for campaigns that are already effective so you can generate more purchases and grow your business faster.

About Scaling Facebook Ads Campaigns

There are two phases to running successful Facebook ad campaigns that can occur independently or run simultaneously depending on your Facebook ad strategy.

The first phase is testing. The goal here is to figure out which audiences, ad copy, creative, and offer produce the best results and generate the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). You want to test lots of different audiences, ad copy, and creative to uncover winning ads and audiences that can then be scaled.

This segues into the second phase of running Facebook ads—scaling. The goal here is to double down on what’s working and drive more results by increasing your ad spend.

The biggest takeaway from this discussion about ad spend is that it dictates your audience reach and how long it takes to see results. The higher your daily budget, the more people you’ll reach in your campaign duration and the faster you can generate results and learn from your testing.

Couple this with the idea that your audience size will determine your budget allocation.

For example, two budget allocation scenarios can lead to poor results. The first is over-allocating budget to a small audience. In this case, you’ll saturate your audience quickly (shown by a high frequency), hit diminishing returns, and pay the price with a higher CPM and cost per purchase.

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Sourced from Social Media Examiner

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