Knowing How to Use Social Media For Business is a necessary marketing tool in the industry today.  Thankfully new technology related to online marketing has provided software and tools to help you have success with an online home business in regards to social media marketing.

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Learning How to Use Social Media For Business, in my opinion, it is learning how to plant your business in the heart of, I mean smack in the middle of, online marketing.

After all, that’s where everybody online is at, right? People associate themselves with like-minded people.  Your job as a marketer is to find like-minded people that are interested in your niche. In other words, finding your target audience.

How to Use Social Media For Business


If your concentration is on wanting more traffic to your business or website, that’s what this article is here to help you with.  Also if you haven’t already your business plan and strategy need to be in place.  I also suggest having a mission statement.

Your (SMMS) Social Media Marketing Strategy should have defined objectives and tools necessary to achieve them. Now, the process and to finding your target audience involves factors that must be addressed.  You need to know;

Who are you marketing to?  What is your TA (target audience) demographic.  

Where. Meaning, which social network are you likely to find your TA.  Also knowing what groups, forums, communities or chat rooms your TA likes to hang out are necessary factors as well.

Because social media networks cater to different audiences, it is understandable that there should be a different promoting strategy for each social network.  Your approach to promoting on LinkedIn would be different than promoting on Snapchat.

What does your TA expect from your product or service?

When is the best time to promote your product or service?

Why meaning you need to show, and inform why your TA should use or purchase your goods.

How will you convince your TA you have the solution to their needs.

How to Use Social Media/social media banners

Marketing online, be it marketing for other companies, a brick and mortar business or working to have success with a home business you need to apply content marketing to your strategy.  This involves writing quality content and strategic placement of keywords within the article, all of which must be relevant to the title and topic of your article.

Do not be overwhelmed by the six-word questions you will ha e to confront in the social media marketing game, in fact, be happy for social media.  Later in the article, I will show you exactly how to tackle those six-word questions.

Before social media, do you remember how marketing used to be? Marketers relied first on outbound marketing strategies.  Then as the Internet was introduced to the masses, consumers became more savvy and smarter online shoppers. Along with the Internet came inbound marketing and marketers put the consumer first in their promotions.

Today, you can attract a huge audience thanks to new technology. Technology that allows one to not only track an individual as an individual consumer. Moreover, you also have the ability to interact with prospects in ways that weren’t possible in the past.

Technology And Marketing

This new era of marketing could not come at a better time because it is a perfect match for social media marketing.  Your target audience is out there; you just need to analyse and diagnose the data you retrieve to find potential customers, and prospects.  And then be able to attract them to your website.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple task. How to Use Social Media /social media marketing statsMany marketers are on social media sites and get little to no response to their efforts.  

It is not because they haven’t learned the game, more times than not it is because they are the sole proprietor and can only do so much in any space of time.  Or the marketer has no business strategy in place.

Even the successful online marketer and anyone in a successful position will gladly tell you about the failures they faced.  A successful social media marketing strategy takes a lot of planning, testing, and commitment.  Below are eight tools you can start using in your social media marketing campaign.

Available Software

1. Commun. It is an easy way to grow followers. Don’t think that Commun is one of those online services that sell you Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook followers. Commun. It;  is a Twitter/Facebook communities manager that helps you discover who your targeted followers are.

This tool lets you see who supports your content by sharing, retweeting, and mentioning.  As you engage those fans, your trust on social media will grow.  So interact on all fronts, the strategy will result in success.

2. Onalytica helps you find the influential leaders in your niche.  If the influentials like your page and share your work, you will get tons of engagement on your website.

This software will analyze your content, and show you the top influential bloggers who have similar interests and activities related to your theme. Once you have that information, follow those people on social media and interact. Make comments on their posts, but make sure not to spam.

3. Edocr  How about sharing some of that knowledge you have obtained in the form of an ebook. When you give something meaningful to users, they will reciprocate.  An eBook reflects sound characteristics and will attract social media prospects to your site.  When you create an Edocr is the tool to use.

4. Viralheat  Viralheat analyzes the ranking of your posts and monitors the conversations that include your post or brand on Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms. You can also communicate with the audience.

Improve Your Social Media For Business

5. Feedly When you start using social media, you have to offer something more than promotion. You do need to promote quality content as part of your marketing. However, focus on something else instead of your business from time to time.

Feedly can find top-notch online publications related to your niche. When you discover a useful and informative publication share it on your social media profiles.

6. Post Planner  Facebook updates are important.  You cannot log into page or profile as planned all the time. You can use Post Planner to schedule your posts when they peak.  Post Planner helps you analyze the trends in your niche and plan your content about your target audience needs. You can also set the tool to automatically re-post.

7. Canva , The tool edit images, add text and speech bubbles to visual content, design grids, and add stickers, icons, and frames to your designs. However, you can also use Canva to create a flyer, presentation, photo collage, Facebook cover, Google+ header, infographic, and other forms of visually-intriguing content.

8. Don’t you get frustrated when you want to share a link via Twitter, but it’s too long for those 140 characters? You don’t have to be! is the tool all social media users need: it turns every URL into a much shorter version that still leads to the right destination.

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all the best with learning How to Use Social Media for Business. Furthermore, may you have blessings and prosperity. Please, let’s communicate, share a comment or question and I will get back in touch with you. 


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