By Su Duff

Already this year we’ve witnessed love and dislike around social responsibility advertising from Gillette, a new all inclusive venture into happiness with Coke, and a very timely move launching Guinness Clear.   Kotler and Sarkar have recently published a book welcoming Brand Activism and Philip Kotler proposes that “Brand Activism is the leader’s way forward – for your customers, you employees, society, and the planet itself“.

So, Yo Propagandhi !   if you didn’t make it along to #AAIToolkit this week you’ll have missed Trista Vincent and Paudge Donaghy from Hammer & Tongs taking a look at the current trend and broader implications of brands becoming involved in corporate activism. You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn to find out if they might share the key take out points around keeping a brand safe while an activist.  Or, if you’re an AAI Member company you can download the slides and speaker notes from the members centre on our website. (Email me if you can’t remember your login.)

Trista and Paudge also have created a large list of video content for you to review.  This provides an excellent library of examples of do and don’t reference points as follows:

Verizon 2014

Dodge Ram 2015

Dove Choose Beautiful 2015

Pepsi Kendal Jenner 2016

Johnny Walker 2016

MoMondo The DNA Journey 2016

Heineken Open Your World 2017

Lush SpyCopys 2018

AeroMexico DNA Discounts 2018

Dublin Bus Proud Dads 2018

Lloyds Bank #GetTheInsideOut 2018

A Coke is a Coke 2019

Gillette The Best a Man can Get 2019

HSBC Brexit 2018

See also:
Patagonia, Starbucks, Stella Artois, Chick-fil-A, Expedia, Oreo, AirBnB, Yoplait, Ben & Jerry’s

And finally, a summary of #AAIToolkit views from the Hammer and Tongs poll can be found here  

By Su Duff

Sourced from The Association of Advertisers in Ireland