By Roshan Samuel Ambler

Your digital marketing strategy is the series of steps that will help you achieve your company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels

These channels includes paid media, earned media, and owned media, and can all support a common campaign around a particular line of business

Depending on the scale of your business requirement, your digital marketing strategy might involve multiple digital strategies – each with different goals – and a lot of moving parts

But following this simple way of thinking about strategy can help you stay focused on meeting those objectives

🔝 Let’s See The Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy Used by Red Bull:

🌟 Digital strategy: Owned media, Lifestyle news

📌 Red Bull has become more well known for its sponsorship of extreme sports than the energy drink it sells

It’s a natural fit for all types of people the drink appeals to

But instead of creating digital content on the energy drink industry, Red Bull captures its audience with articles and videos all about the latest happenings in the extreme sports community

In their digital marketing campaign, Red Bull teaches us that what you sell isn’t always the ideal content strategy

Rather, it’s the lifestyle that your customers live

You can check out the company’s website here:

By Roshan Samuel Ambler

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