Magazines Ireland welcome today’s adoption by the Council of the long-awaited EU copyright reform that introduces the crucial neighbouring right for press publishers. Member states must implement the reform into national law by 2021.

Grace Aungier, CEO, Magazines Ireland, said: “We are pleased that the copyright directive has been approved by all European Institutions and we call on the Irish government to implement this reform quickly. We urgently need the Publisher’s Right to improve magazine publishers’ bargaining position in the digital environment and protect them against the unauthorised commercial use of their publications.”

Chairman of Magazines Ireland, Ciaran Casey, said: “This directive will promote fairness in the digital ecosystem by allowing magazine publishers to negotiate licence agreements and protect the unauthorised reproduction and distribution of our publications in the digital world.”

Casey continued. “We thank Europe’s regulators for adopting this important directive that acknowledges the value of magazine media to society and the need for fair remuneration for the commercial re-use of our intellectual property.”

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Grace Aungier, Magazines Ireland

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