Salesforce has made its Service GPT, Sales GPT and the Einstein GPT Trust Layer generally available.

The new features, which take a open ecosystem approach, are designed to help organizations “tap into the productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while ensuring that enterprise-grade trust and data security remain at the centre,” says Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI.

Brands can use Service GPT to auto-generate personalized replies and summarize customer interactions.

The tool is designed to help “traditional and field service teams leverage AI to work more efficiently, giving service professionals more time to focus on higher-order tasks and establish strong customer relationships through personalized interactions,” says Bill Patterson, EVP & GM, C360 Applications, Salesforce.

Sales GPT provides users with AI-generated, personalized customer emails based on contextual customer data stored in Salesforce.

Reps can send emails with CRM context from inside Sales Cloud or through Gmail and Outlook with just one click, Salesforce says.

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents customer data from being stored outside Salesforce. The audit trail in this feature securely logs all prompts, outputs, interactions, and feedback data, the firm says.

The new offerings provide these capabilities:

– Encrypted Communications — This is done with TLS safeguards prompts sent to an LLM, with the responses sent back to Salesforce

– Data Access Checks — This ensures that the end user is allowed access to data when generating a tailored response

– Feedback Store to allow past success to guide future outcomes

– Audit Trail to help with compliance

One client, the Auto Club Group, has increased case resolutions by 20%, using Service GPT in its pilot deployment.

Another customer, CRS Temporary Housing, has used the email prompts in SalesGPT to “re-engage our customers quickly and easily, allowing our sales representatives to focus more on interactions with cases, and less on formulating emails,” says James Fee, CTO, CRS Temporary Housing

In addition, SumUp has deployed Service GPT to “empower our agents across 40 different countries to increase efficiency and lower operational costs,” says Bruno Fransoni, CRM and Support Channels PM of SumUp.

Fransoni adds: “Using Interaction Summarization alone, our teams have lowered their after call work by 50%, resulting in better overall customer support and shorter wait times.”


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