There are several reasons video marketing is a very effective content marketing strategy to relay your business story and messaging.

Highly Engaging

One of the most powerful advantages of video marketing is the fact that it is highly engaging. The human brain is programmed to pay more attention to moving images and sound.

Have you noticed times when you are talking to someone and think they are paying attention, but they aren’t? Instead, they are actually looking straight past you at a television screen behind you?

Even if the sound is off, the moving images on the screen still draw in their attention away from you.

They usually aren’t doing this on purpose; it is just human nature to look at moving images.

Think back to your youth when you were in school. Remember those days when the teacher would show a movie or video in conjunction with a lesson?

Even when the topic wasn’t something particularly interesting to you, just the fact that you were able to watch it, drew in your attention.

This is a powerful reminder to business owners to utilize this advantage of video marketing to attract the attention of their target audience.

It’s Passive

Watching videos doesn’t require the viewer to do anything and requires no effort. This means it is a passive act of receiving information.

Once exposed to a video, especially those that play automatically, you are immediately drawn to look at it.

How long a viewer stays and watches the video, depends upon how engaging and compelling it is.

It is up to the business to make sure that once they grab the attention of their target, they can keep them watching long enough to see or hear your message.

Establishes Your Authority and Creates Relationships

Using videos is an excellent opportunity for your business to create a relationship with and develop your authority with your target market.

Even though it is common knowledge that videos are a powerful marketing initiative, not all businesses utilize them.

There are many reasons why not all companies use videos, including not having the time, money, or expertise to create them.

Put your brand in front of your competitor’s by making sure that you are doing video marketing.

Stand out from the crowd in your niche by including videos on your website and sharing them on the social web.


Not all videos are created equal. Simply throwing anything on your website is not going to help you.

In fact, poor quality videos can actually hurt your brand by making you look unprofessional and sloppy.

Creating videos doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If your company has a large budget and can afford to hire a professional videographer to come to your office and take live footage and use professional narration, go for it.

If, however, you have a limited budget, there are numerous ways to create quality videos. You can use high-resolution imagery or video animations to deliver your business message.

Highly Persuasive

Your first job is to capture your audience’s attention and impressed them with your professional videos. However, the onus is on the business to make sure their message is persuasive enough to keep them watching.

Remember, you are talking directly to your target market. It is your chance to explain to them. Whether you are speaking your message or letting animations do the talking for you, why you are the answer to their problem.

Use your brand’s personality in any video you create. Some companies choose to use humor as part of their brand, while others prefer to be more business-like.

Many Ways to Use Video

Another use of videos in marketing is to educate. Not all videos should be about selling your products or services. Doing so can turn off your audience.

Some other ways your business can use videos are:

  • Messaging: Blogs are abundant on the web. Try creating a video that relays the same type of helpful or relevant information as a blog post. You can even re-purpose blog content into a video.
  • Culture Videos: This is a great way to show your companies personality by showing videos of events in your office. Some examples are:
    • Employee interviews
    • Office pranks
    • Birthday parties
  • Interviews: Conduct interviews with others who are either in your niche or a complementary one. You can leverage their knowledge to provide value for your target audience and create content for you.
  • Tutorials: Showing your target market how to do or use something that they find helpful, will keep them coming back for more.
  • Events: Take a video at your next holiday party and share it with your potential and current customers. The next time you go to or exhibit at a trade show or conference, take candid video shots and share them.

Don’t forget about the power of music in eliciting emotional responses. Adding music to your videos will draw in the viewer even more and will appeal to their human side via emotions.

Any message delivered in the video format is received better than plain text. Provide value in the form of helpful information, tips and tricks, or any other relevant message that will contribute to your target market seeing you as a trustworthy source and an authority in your niche.


Sourced from New Horizons 123