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By Terry Rice

Amina Al Tai, an expert on mindset and business coaching, shares tips and strategies to help you unlock your full revenue potential.

I help entrepreneurs build their personal brand and revenue. And although that may seem daunting, the process is relatively simple. You just need to leverage my A.T.M. model.

Actions – The activities you must perform to be successful

Tools – The applications and resources that increase the impact of your work

Mindset – The self-perception or belief you hold about yourself

Pretty straightforward right? Well, I’ve noticed most people tend to prioritize actions and tools while they almost ignore the importance of mindset. Here’s the issue with that; your mindset can tank your chances of success way sooner than any external challenges.

Sure, you might know you need to build your email list. That’s an action to take. And you may determine that you need an email marketing program to help you send and optimize your newsletter. As you may have guessed, that’s a tool.

But what happens if you start thinking “I’m never going to figure out how to use this email marketing program” or “I’m not sure if I have useful information to share”?

This is why mindset is so critical. It allows you to push through those self-limiting beliefs so you can take on new challenges and continue to grow on a personal and professional level.

And, that’s exactly what I chatted with Amina AlTai during this week’s episode of the Launch Your Business podcast. Amina is an expert on leadership, mindset and business coaching. And as you’ll notice, she clearly wants you to win.

During our conversation, which is full of techniques you can immediately apply, AlTai provides input on:

  • Developing a money mindset and charging your true value
  • Increasing endurance to push through extended challenges
  • Removing upper limits that decrease your impact
  • Identifying and capitalizing on your zone of genius

I’ll share one of my key takeaways from our chat below.

Your mindset can have a negative impact on your clients and revenue

Amina says that on a sales call, it’s not just about your money mindset. It’s also about the mindset of your prospective client.

Unfortunately, if your mindset leads you to believe you’re not good enough or you just want to get a “yes” out of the client, you’ll accidentally project lack or scarcity.

This is why you need to believe in yourself and your offer wholeheartedly. If you don’t believe that you can bring a transformation to your client, you need to dig in deep to understand where that story is coming from. Fortunately, Amina provides guidance on how to do so during our conversation.

Once you’ve developed your own money mindset, you can coach your potential clients through their potential fears and limiting beliefs. This will allow you to close more deals and deliver better results.

Next steps

Ready to learn more from Amina? First, listen to the full interview below.

Then, be sure to check out her new podcast Amina Change Your Life. She serves up bite-sized lessons and inspiration on career, entrepreneurship, ethical wealth building, and well-being.

You can also learn more from Amina by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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By Terry Rice

Sourced from Entrepreneur


Facts are funny things. Myths go hand in hand with them. It is deciphering what is which that is sometimes the hard part. But, their separation is necessary to understand how to market at an optimal level.

Myth Busting

  1. More content, more traffic! False – Content creation is a requirement for success, but quality outweighs quantity. Speaking in an expert voice is a better draw than words for word’s sake. The inbound framework consists of web design, SEO contextual keywords of value, social media, email marketing, and building trust with an audience.
  2. Thinking the inbound traffic framework is merely a fad. False Internet fads do exist. However, many people do not like change in marketing and believe inbound strategies will fade away like most Internet trends. Business coaching and mentoring are available for people who find the changes startling.
  3. Return of Investment, or ROI, cannot be deciphered using the inbound traffic strategy. FalseThe myth about ROI’s has existed since the beginning of inbound Internet marketing. Automated Marketing Platforms began its existence so that businesses could track the ROI easier than ever.
  4. Digital Media costs too much and get nothing in return. FalseThe particular myth is entirely backward. Digital Marketing creates revenue, not the other way around. Online digital content has no expiration date. Eyes over a never-ending expanse of time mean more for the buck in the long run.
  5. Having only a website is enough! It does not have to be cellphone accessible. False & False – People are not going to visit a website randomly. Thousands of companies are competing with each other at any given moment, regardless of industry. And without a mobile accessible site, the chances of inbound traffic is even lower.
  6. Word of mouth is magic and will do all the work. FalseEntire industries continue to *only* use word of mouth. The old school approach is a habit hard to break because there was a time when it was all a business had to gain new patrons. The method integration into a marketing strategy framework is available, but no one should rely on referrals and word of mouth even if it were the most gainful means. Facebook advertising is proof that word of mouth and social media methods go hand in hand.
  7. In the about section of the website, a simple paragraph and photograph are fine. FalseThe first giveaway that it is a myth is the fact no SEO exists when throwing a call to action paragraph on a website. The simplicity of the approach does not draw search engine attention through Google, or any other search engine. Quality content is indispensable.

Food for Thought

Over eighty percent of online marketing are small businesses using the Internet Marketing strategies. The decision to change methods of marketing is huge, but the integration is a requirement in the era of online marketing.

Businesses that utilize inbound marketing see their ROI triple compared to outbound marketing. Workshops are available to even those who work from home.

Inbound marketing strategies are here to stay. It is better for consumers and companies alike to deploy a modern marketing plan.


Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.

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