By Jasmine Sheena.

Billion Dollar Boy, Gut, and Mischief are focused on ensuring that work powered by the tech retains a human touch.

It’s been over a year since ChatGPT first rolled out, and while constantly hearing the phrase “generative AI” has been really a(i)nnoying, there’s no doubt the technology has transformed the world. It was one of the hottest topics at CES earlier this year, and SXSW has a dedicated track for the tech.

When something’s trendy, marketers tend to take notice, and we spoke to execs at several agencies about how they have taken ChatGPT and other generative AI tools into their own hands. They told Marketing Brew that, so far, adland has found unique ways to incorporate generative AI into workflows while working to ensure there is still a human touch, all while tech giants and the federal government alike weigh potential restrictions on the tech.

Lead by example

For independent shop Billion Dollar Boy, generative AI has been useful in influencer marketing. The agency set up Muse, an emerging tech arm to help leverage AI for influencer content creation for clients, Thomas Walters, Billion Dollar Boy’s founder and its European CEO, told us. Muse, which has worked with AI artists like Jo Ann and Elmo Mistiaen on brand campaigns, has also worked with brands including Lipton Iced Tea and Versace, Walters said.

“[It’s] really at the bleeding edge of advertising,” he said.

Internally, the agency is interrogating ways to use AI to optimize work, Walters said. BDB set up a taskforce made up of folks across its departments, from leadership to business affairs, to identify workflow problems and figure out how to solve them using AI tools, Walters said. For example, after realizing the agency’s staff was spending a lot of time manually performing due diligence checks on influencers, the agency created a tool it built using ChatGPT that evaluates influencers’ posts and applies a “risk rating.”

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By Jasmine Sheena

Sourced from Marketing Brew

By Georgie Everitt

Does AI pose a threat to copywriters? No, says Georgie Everitt: not if we remember that words hit differently when they come from humans.

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? I do. At this very moment, actually, as I sit writing at my desk, in the B2B marketing agency I work for, I think – what if my colleagues see me, a professional copywriter, spell a word wrong? Googling which dash to use? Or thesaurus-ing a synonym?

Okay, they’re probably not watching me, are they? But self-consciousness is a writer’s curse and it really can disrupt our flow, which is why I’m talking to you today.

There’s been a new tool in our writing shed for a while now, and it’s time we talked about it – mainly so I can stop panic-minimizing my screen any time I’m using it.

Hopefully, it’s obvious that I’m talking about AI, a writer’s most controversial friend, but a friend nonetheless. For the time being, at least.

Don’t fear, the Terminator is not here

When AI burst into our lives, my copywriting colleagues and I immediately felt like we were in a fight against the perception that it could do our jobs, and quicker. The Terminator had arrived to deliver the news that human-writers’ days were numbered.

We creatives are already deemed to be an awkward bunch, often told that we’re overthinking, our standards are too high, and that speed is more important than quality.

Does this make us the first to go? Of course, that’s our self-consciousness talking, and what group doesn’t have its quirks?

Copywriters’ standards are high because we know that tiny tweaks can mean the difference of thousands of extra impacts, sales, or whatever we’re after.

Copywriting is writing to persuade. In usually very few words, we have to make people feel something and then want to do something with that feeling. It’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality.

How many of the ads you’ve seen today have made you want to do something?

Plenty of words sail past us, so as copywriters, we have to find the right ones, put them in the right order, and give whoever we’re talking to the feels – when we get that right, we can literally make our clients millions. There’s a reason creatives can spend weeks locked in a room to come up with a concept or strapline made of two or three words.

The danger is that, with tools like AI, we risk diluting markets with a sub-standard sameness written in grammatically correct sentences but doesn’t get results, with nobody really understanding why.

Copywriters are just like bears

Creative copywriters rely heavily on our subconscious to spark creativity. We approach creative projects like bears readying themselves for hibernation.

Yep, bears. We’ll feed our minds with the project brief, research interviews, case studies, factory tours, and incessant Googling until we’re stuffed full of enough insights and anecdotes to see us through the next stage of the process.

Then into our creative caves we go – to live, breathe, and sleep with all of that knowledge and allow our creativity to get to work.

It’s as we drift off into a well-informed stupor that the fun starts – inventor Thomas Edison actually argued for sleep as a creative technique. He’d nap upright, with steel balls in his hands and a metal plate on the floor. As he fell asleep, the balls would drop, wake him up, and allow him to withhold any creative genius that had occurred to him in his relaxed subconscious state.

While I can’t claim to have the genius of even Edison’s right pinky toe, I can still relate. I’ll always keep a notepad and pen by my bed when I’m working on a new concept. Sadly, my nocturnal scribbles are rarely of any use, but every so often there’s something.

Obviously, I don’t think my boss would be particularly impressed to find me asleep under my desk. Time is money, and that’s where a tool like ChatGPT can help.

Once we’ve stocked up on everything AI can’t do – grasp our innate understanding of who we’re talking to, our client’s preferences, unique strategic insights, and years of personal experience – then a little back-and-forth game of prompts can get us going.

AI shows us the derivative, the dull, and the done so that our brains can use that as a springboard to real creativity. And if nothing else, it can help soften any imposter syndrome – it really can churn out some very average combinations of words.

Don’t be afraid of ChatGPT

So from this point forward, I shall no longer be minimising my ChatGPT when colleagues walk past; it’s not cheating, it’s just another useful tool that has the potential to take human creativity even further.

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, here’s what ChatGPT has to say:

“Copywriting involves creativity, emotional intelligence, and a deep understanding of human communication, which are qualities that AI currently lacks. Instead, think of me as a tool that can help streamline certain tasks, generate ideas, or provide information.”

But that’s what a clever Terminator would say, right?

I believe that words in the hands of humans hit differently and, while I’ll continue to shout this from the rooftops, I do believe we copywriters need to embrace AI, just like other specialists around us, so we don’t get left behind.

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By Georgie Everitt

Sourced from The Drum

By Yogesh Bhardwaj

Here, we have listed 5 ways ChatGPT can help Instagram Influencers to boost their Instagram income. Check out more details below.

ChatGPT Plus for Instagram Influencers: Instagram influencers are always looking for new and creative methods to improve their online visibility and increase their income. Influencers who are hoping to interact with their followers, produce interesting material and eventually boost their income can use ChatGPT Plus which can be a useful resource. Here are five methods ChatGPT can help Instagram influencers make significant money with their account.

Content Creation

You can use ChatGPT Plus to come up with original and imaginative content ideas. Influencers can use ChatGPT to jumpstart their content production process by using it to write captivating captions, fascinating anecdotes and original post ideas. This guarantees a constant supply of engaging and engaging content to maintain follower’s attention towards your account.

Caption Writing

Creating the ideal caption is essential to success on Instagram. Influencers can use ChatGPT Plus to help them create relevant and visually striking captions for their posts. This improves communication with the audience and raises the possibility of material becoming viral or becoming more visible.

High Engagement Collection

Retaining a high degree of interaction with followers is a crucial part of being an influencer. Influencers can use techniques such as surveys, Q&A sessions and challenges to engage their audience more. Influencers can build stronger communities and draw in more businesses for partnerships by encouraging their followers to take an active role in the community.

Affiliate Assistance

Influencers who promote goods or services can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. ChatGPT Plus can help with the creation of genuine and compelling product reviews, descriptions and promotional content. Influencers may improve their affiliate marketing efforts and get larger commission revenue by utilizing the linguistic skills of the model.

Brand Collaboration Pitches

Influencers can also use ChatGPT Plus as a useful tool to connect with businesses and inquire about possible collaborations. They can even convince a company to work with them by crafting persuasive pitch emails or direct messages that are composed and professional. This may lead to profitable brand partnerships, sponsorships and other revenue-generating ventures.

By Yogesh Bhardwaj

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These chilling AI trends aren’t just making waves, they’re flipping the boat entirely.

Key Takeaways

Will consumers clone your services to save money? It’s already happening! In my new book, The Wolf is at The Door: How to Survive and Thrive in an AI-Driven World, and on this podcast episode, I peel back the curtains on AI developments to help prepare entrepreneurs for a future that is already here.

Welcome to a world where AI SEO hijackers plot to seize your web traffic and customers, unauthorized cloning becomes a chilling reality, and massive AI model failures lead to unexpected domino effects like lawsuits and more.

And, to celebrate the release of my brand new book, The Wolf is at The Door, I’m giving away a Free AI Success Kit, featuring a chapter from the book to help get you up to speed on the world of artificial intelligence fast.

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Hosted by bestselling author Ben Angel, Beyond Unstoppable is a transformative exploration of biology, psychology and technology. Learn from world-renowned experts like Jim Kwik, Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith and Jason Feifer. Dive into advanced AI tools, biohacking, and strategies to make you unstoppable.

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Tackle AI’s toughest questions with Ben Angel, mapping the business terrain for 20 years. Master the AI landscape and reach peak productivity and profits with insights from his latest work, “The Wolf is at The Door — How to Survive and Thrive in an AI-Driven World.” Click here to download your ‘Free AI Success Kit‘ and get your free chapter from his latest book today.

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By Jodie Cook

Anyone can write a landing page, run some ads and start a business. It’s not difficult. But very few can build a brand that stands the test of time. One with happy, repeat customers, a solid reputation, and a commitment to quality in every transaction. Businesses that started decades ago have one thing in common: they cracked the code of longevity. They figured out what was working and doubled down. They listened to their customers. They didn’t give up until they were established. Set up your long-term brand right now and you’ll see more success in the short term too.

Chris Orzechowski is a brand growth strategist and founder of agencies including The 100 Year Brand. His work has generated over $120million in revenue for e-commerce brands, including Carnivore Snax, Gold Medal Wine Club, Factor 75, and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki. Orzechowski wrote the bestselling book, The Moat: How to Build a Durable, Profitable E-Commerce Brand That Can Last Forever, and has trained over 5,000 students in his marketing and brand growth practices.

Orzechowski wants to help you build a brand that never dies, and these 5 ChatGPT prompts make the ideal place to start. They have been modified to include the 9 crucial components of an effective prompt. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Build a brand that goes the distance with ChatGPT

Define your X-factor

In a sea of sameness, you can only compete on price. And no one wants to do that. Stand out for something else. Find your X-factor. According to Orzechowski, this is “the thing about your brand that means consumers inconvenience themselves to buy from you instead of taking a more convenient or cheaper option.” You should know exactly what your X-factor is so you can lean into it more. Use this prompt to clearly articulate the difference between you and everyone else.

“My company provides [outline your offering] for [outline your target audience]. I want to identify what specifically makes my brand unique and compelling to establish my “X-factor”. Acting as a brand specialist, analyze my brand and its offering to ascertain why a customer might prefer my brand over more convenient or cheaper alternatives. Start by opening a dialogue and ask questions, one by one, about aspects including product quality, customer experience, brand values, or any other unique selling points, to establish my X-factor. After five questions, suggest how I can further enhance and communicate this X-factor to make my brand even more irresistible to potential customers. Include the strategies I should employ to emphasize these unique qualities in my marketing and branding efforts.”

Build a moat around your business

Waste no energy being defensive by protecting your business interests. Spend more time on the offense, executing your plan of attack. “This prompt helps you forecast disruptions in your industry and come up with a plan to thrive,” said Orzechowski, who knows running a company on the back foot is no way to operate. Ask for ChatGPT’s assistance on what might be around the corner so you can cover every base and thrive during any turmoil.

“Given what you know about my company, our target audience and how we differentiate ourselves, help us prepare for future change, especially the impact of AI and other new technologies and how they might affect our revenue and position in the marketplace. Our ultimate goal is to build a moat around our brand so our company can survive and thrive for the next 100 years. Acting as a business analyst, outline the 5 steps I should take to ensure my company’s success over the next century.”

Assess your brand voice

“Brand voice is an abstract concept,” explained Orzechowski. “But this prompt will make it concrete.” He said it’s especially important if you’re hiring marketing team members or agencies, because “you need to be able to communicate your brand voice, as esoteric and ethereal as it might be.” If you can’t delegate work to others, your company will stay small and won’t fullfill its potential. “This prompt will list the key elements of your brand voice so your team members or partners can incorporate it into your communication.”

“Act as a brand strategist and analyse the attached origin story of my brand. My objective is to be able to confidently delegate the creation of marketing copy in the style of the document pasted below. Answer the following questions in a way that’s helpful to a marketing manager responsible for creating content from the analysis. 1) How would you describe the style and tone of this copy? 2) What would this copy suggest are key life goals and obstacles for my customers? 3) How does my brand aim to help them? After answering these questions, list the 5 key elements of my brand that should be incorporated into all marketing messaging. Here’s the copy: [Include the copy].”

Lock in your acquisition

Prospects in your pipeline mean nothing until they have converted to paying clients. Without paying clients, you don’t have a business. Orzechowski explained that, “every customer you acquire is a future cash flowing asset. But getting the cash to flow requires them to make that first purchase.” And that’s where most businesses fall down. Find out why people aren’t buying right now by analysing the ones who already said no. Dig into the lost reasons; the causes for someone to look elsewhere or decide to do nothing. The more data you have, the more you can find out how to compel products into a purchase. Secure the medium term of your business and the long term takes care of itself.

“I want to find out the main reasons prospects don’t turn into customers. I’m pasting a list of lost reasons by the number of times they were used. We also have [number] prospects in our existing pipeline who haven’t yet gone ahead. Act as a positive business analyst and use the data we have to suggest our main weaknesses in customer acquisition and suggest tactics we could try to (a) re-engage people who previously said no and (b) go out to current active prospects with a more compelling offer.”

Punch up your emails

Build a 100-year brand with email campaigns that can run autonomously. Make your email campaigns an extension of your high quality brand, not set up for a quick buck. When you get this right, your prospects will turn to customers as if by magic. You won’t need to change them up, you won’t need to spend any time writing new ones. Orzechowski said this is, “one of the easiest ways to increase your sales” and recommends using ChatGPT as your “writing assistant and copy chief.” He believes business owners often “forget crucial conversion elements that diminish the power of your sales message.” This prompt will help you double check your work so you can handle your customers objections before they even think of them.

“I’m writing an email to [describe the people on your email list] with the purpose of selling [describe the product the email is designed to sell]. Acting as a marketing specialist, analyse the copy and tell me its strengths and weaknesses from a conversion perspective. Using what you know about my business and its X-factor, highlight any key points missing from the copy. Make suggestions on improvements I can make to ensure the email is more compelling, true to my brand voice, and more likely to convert.”

5 ChatGPT prompts to build a 100-year brand

If you could get everything right today, your business’ upward trajectory would start from now. As your customer base grew, so would its reputation, website power, pipeline and number of referrals. More customers would tell their friends, more of your future would be secure. Start the ball rolling with these five key elements. Define your X-factor, build a moat around your company, and assess your brand voice to communicate with clarity. Lock in your acquisition by assessing prospect lost reasons and punch up your emails with ChatGPT’s critical eye. The next century starts today.

Build a brand that goes the distance with ChatGPT

Define your X-factor

In a sea of sameness, you can only compete on price. And no one wants to do that. Stand out for something else. Find your X-factor. According to Orzechowski, this is “the thing about your brand that means consumers inconvenience themselves to buy from you instead of taking a more convenient or cheaper option.” You should know exactly what your X-factor is so you can lean into it more. Use this prompt to clearly articulate the difference between you and everyone else.

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By Jodie Cook

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Founder of Coachvox AI – we make AI coaches. Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017. Post-exit entrepreneur and author of Ten Year Career. Competitive powerlifter and digital nomad.

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By Akshat Kashyap

ChatGPT: Are you trying to find a way to make some additional money? Look no further than OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a language model powered by artificial intelligence. With the help of a large language model (LLM), this conversational AI platform can produce writing that appears human and can react naturally to requests. You can use ChatGPT to monetize your writing abilities while working from home. In this article, we will share a few ways in which you can use ChatGPT to make money.

How can ChatGPT make you rich?

Content writing

Excellent for writers who wish to make a solid living from what they write. Marketing offices are always in need of writers who can produce excellent material quickly. ChatGPT can help you write more quickly so you may take on more assignments.

Blog posts

Writing blog posts with ChatGPT is an additional method of earning money. ChatGPT is a useful tool for coming up with blog post ideas, writing blog posts, and even optimising them for search engines. Over time, this can be a really effective technique to get passive income.

ChatGPT for Social Media Management

Additionally, you may utilise ChatGPT to produce captivating and successful social media content to advertise your website. Influencers who are currently making money on social media can use ChatGPT to produce content more quickly and effectively.

Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Even if you think you can produce content for websites or social media, you can always gain from a thorough marketing plan. With the assistance of other accomplished marketers and the data ChatGPT already has stored in its memory banks, ChatGPT can assist you in identifying your target market and creating a successful marketing strategy.

Creating a website

Developing a website to advertise your goods or services is another method to make money with ChatGPT. Landing pages, product descriptions, and blog articles may all be created with ChatGPT for your website. You may concentrate on other parts of your website, such as design and marketing, by using ChatGPT to save time and effort on writing.

By Akshat Kashyap

Sourced from DNP India

By Joseph Green

Learn all about this popular chatbot without spending anything.

Anyone who has used ChatGPT will know all about its enormous potential, but knowing about this chatbot doesn’t mean you’ll know how to really squeeze everything you can out of it. That’s where an online course could really help.

Fortunately, platforms like Udemy are offering a wide range of free online courses on ChatGPT. We’ve checked everything out and lined up a standout selection of free courses to kickstart your learning journey. We’re nice like that.

These are the best online ChatGPT courses you can take for free this month:

These free online courses do not include certificates of completion or direct instructor messaging, but that’s the only catch. You still get unrestricted access to all the video content, so you can learn at your own pace.

TL;DR: Find the best free online ChatGPT courses on Udemy. Learn how to make the most of ChatGPT without spending anything.

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By Joseph Green

Sourced from Mashable

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In the digital era, where social media’s clout is undeniable, creating content that stands out can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

If you’ve been grappling with the content creation conundrum, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a method to the madness. Enter the innovative approach to content creation using ChatGPT, a tool that is transforming the way we think about and produce social media content. This method promises to elevate your content strategy from mundane to remarkable, ensuring that your posts not only captivate but also connect with your audience on a deeper level.

The journey from being a Domino’s pizza driver to a social media maestro might seem like a distant dream, but it’s entirely possible with the right strategy. The cornerstone of this approach is the GAP framework, which stands for Growth, Authority, and Personal content. This strategic trio is designed to magnetize followers, establish trust, and forge a personal bond with your audience. But how do you implement this strategy effectively?Here’s a step-by-step guide to leveraging ChatGPT for your social media content creation.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Understanding Quality Content

Understanding what constitutes quality content is crucial for any brand looking to make an impact on social media. It’s not merely about disseminating information; true quality lies in the ability to engage and personalize content that mirrors the unique essence of your brand. This involves crafting messages that not only inform but also entertain and connect with your audience on a personal level, making your brand’s voice distinct and memorable.

Here’s where ChatGPT steps in as a valuable tool in your content creation arsenal. By feeding it precise and detailed inputs about your brand’s values, goals, and the interests of your target audience, ChatGPT can generate ideas and content that truly resonate with your brand’s identity. This process ensures that every piece of content you produce reflects the nuances of your brand’s voice, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

Personalization is Key

Creating content that directly addresses your audience requires a personal touch, integrating unique aspects of your brand and the journey behind it. This personalization makes your content not just another message in their feed, but a story that speaks to them, resonating on a deeper level. By embedding your brand’s distinct characteristics and your own experiences into your content, you forge a stronger, more meaningful connection with your audience.

ChatGPT excels in customizing content to align with the specific nuances and details you provide. This adaptability ensures that the content produced is not only engaging but also genuinely relatable to your audience. By effectively communicating the essence of your brand and personal narrative through ChatGPT’s tailored outputs, you create content that captivates and connects, setting your brand apart in the crowded digital landscape.

Know Your Audience

Grasping the nuances of your audience’s preferences and desires is fundamental to crafting content that resonates. Knowing who your audience is, along with their interests, challenges, and aspirations, allows you to create messages that speak directly to their hearts and minds. This deep understanding is the cornerstone of any successful content strategy, enabling you to produce material that genuinely engages and captivates your audience.

Leveraging ChatGPT in this context offers the capability to precisely adjust your content strategy to meet the specific tastes and requirements of your audience. By inputting detailed insights about your audience into ChatGPT, you can generate content that not only aligns with their interests but also addresses their unique needs. This ensures that every piece of content you create is on target, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication and reinforcing the connection between your brand and its audience.

Creative Content Creation Prompts

ChatGPT stands as an invaluable ally in the creative process, offering a collaborative approach to generating new and innovative content ideas. As a brainstorming partner, it provides a wellspring of inspiration, supplying prompts and suggestions that ignite discussions and pique the curiosity of your audience. This collaborative interaction fosters a fertile ground for creativity, allowing you to explore diverse topics and themes that resonate with your followers.

Engaging ChatGPT in your content creation strategy enables you to craft messages that transcend mere information dissemination. By posing strategic questions and exploring varied angles, you harness the power to produce content that is both enlightening and captivating. This not only educates your audience but also offers them a delightful and interactive experience, ensuring they remain connected and engaged with your brand.

Content Production

Finally, the creation of your content should feel as natural as possible. Whether it’s video or written content, ChatGPT can help script or outline your ideas, making the production process smoother and more authentic.

To maximize your content’s reach, consider repurposing your videos into text for blogs, emails, or social media posts. This strategy not only doubles your content output but also caters to different audience preferences, enhancing your brand’s visibility and engagement.


The process of creating captivating and engaging social media content often appears intimidating, yet it need not be an overwhelming challenge. By integrating ChatGPT into your content strategy, you unlock the potential of artificial intelligence to generate content that is not only of high quality but also deeply personalized. This ensures that every piece of content you produce resonates strongly with your target audience, enhancing the connection they feel with your brand. ChatGPT empowers you to tailor your messages, ensuring they align perfectly with your audience’s interests and preferences, thus elevating your brand’s profile in the digital landscape.

Therefore, adopting this cutting-edge approach can transform your social media strategy, leading to significant growth and a vibrant, engaged community around your brand. Embrace the future of content creation with ChatGPT and witness the transformative impact on your social media engagement and brand elevation.

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Sourced from Geeky Gadgets

By Akshat Kashyap

ChatGPT: Natural language processing is the technology that powers ChatGPT. Its programmers have given it a tonne of text-based material so that it can provide responses that are similar to those of a person. But the quality of the answers you receive from ChatGPT is dependent on the questions—or prompts—you ask it. In this article, we will share 10 Tips to Earn BIG with ChatGPT Prompts.

10 Tips to Earn BIG with ChatGPT Prompts

1. Content Generation Magic

To create quality content for your blog, website, or social media accounts, utilise ChatGPT’s capabilities. Providing niche-related keywords to ChatGPT will enable you to obtain well-written articles, engaging blog posts, and social media content that can be shared. Your audience will always have access to fresh, engaging material thanks to this time-saving strategy.

2. Copywriting for Email Marketing

With ChatGPT on your side, developing successful email campaigns doesn’t have to be tough. In the email message you write, include the pertinent data about your product or service; ChatGPT will come up with catchy subject lines and body copy. More conversions brought about by successful email marketing can translate into higher revenue.

3. Boosters for Social Media Engagement

Gaining and keeping clients through social media audience involvement is crucial for brand recognition. Request engaging social media posts from ChatGPT, engage with comments, and even create polls and questions to promote dialogue. A dynamic and engaging social media presence can lead to increased brand loyalty and, eventually, higher sales.

4. Mastery of Job Application

If you’re looking for a new job or freelancing opportunity, ChatGPT can act as your own resume and cover letter helper. To develop well-crafted and personalised application materials, simply enter your qualifications, work history, and job specifications into ChatGPT. Creating a good impression on employers increases your likelihood of obtaining well-paying positions.

5. Drafrin legal documents

You will eventually have to deal with legal documentation whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or the owner of a small firm. When drafting contracts, agreements, and other legal documents, ChatGPT provides clear, well-written content that can be helpful. In addition to saving you money on potential legal fees, this ensures that your legal matters are handled efficiently.

6. Help with SEO Optimization

ChatGPT can serve as your virtual assistant for search engine optimisation of your website content. Enter the keywords you want to use, and ChatGPT will provide meta descriptions, title tags, and content that is rich in keywords to raise the search engine ranking of your website. Increased ad income or sales from more visits brought about by better SEO could translate into more money.

7. Create product description

If you sell anything online, you must have engaging and informative product descriptions. With ChatGPT’s assistance, you can write captivating product descriptions that entice potential buyers. If you utilise vivid language and stress the benefits of your items, sales are likely to rise, increasing your revenue.

8. Market Research Perspectives

Use ChatGPT to increase your knowledge of consumer preferences, market trends, and competitive assessments. With this information, you can stay on top of industry trends, create a business plan that works for you, and even increase revenue through strategic market positioning.

9. Create online courses

The e-learning industry is growing, so creating good online courses might be a lucrative undertaking. With ChatGPT, you may make quiz questions, course outlines, and lesson plans. The result is a comprehensive and engaging course that can entice a sizable student body and boost your earnings from course sales.

10. Plan finances

Other financial support services that ChatGPT offers include budgeting, cost tracking, and financial analysis. Reports, analyses, and recommendations will be provided by ChatGPT once you furnish it with your financial data and goals. A smart financial decision-making process may lead to increased savings and investments, which will indirectly increase your total revenue.

By Akshat Kashyap

Sourced from DNP India


If you are looking for ways to improve your productivity and workflows, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence within the OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot You will be pleased to know there are plenty of automated solutions you can set up to help you with those daily mundane tasks that seem to eat away at your precious time.

Whether you’re managing a small team, running a large enterprise, or simply looking to streamline your personal projects, connections between ChatGPT and your daily software and applications are easy to set up and require no coding at all. In this guide, we provide a wealth of information and inspiration on how you can harness the capabilities of ChatGPT and combine them with no code systems such as Zapier  or Make to name just a few. Once learnt the simple automations  can transform your approach to work and personal productivity.

In the following sections, we’ll explore a versatile range of ChatGPT integrations offered by Make that promise to enhance your efficiency. From automating routine email responses to conducting in-depth sentiment analysis on customer feedback, these tools cater to a wide spectrum of needs. You will learn how to use ChatGPT for generating SEO-friendly content, translating messages in multiple languages, and even repurposing social media content across different platforms.

Additionally, we will investigate more advanced automation workflows such as transcribing audio files and categorizing support tickets based on agent expertise. Each automation is designed to not only save you time but also to ensure accuracy and creativity in your outputs. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage these 27 ChatGPT automations to streamline both your professional and personal workflows.

Automate your work using AI

AI Andy has created a fantastic overview of how you can use the Make online automation service to carry out a wealth of automation improving your productivity and removing those annoying tedious tasks from your daily workflow.

  1. SEO Keyword Generation:
    • Function: This automation utilizes ChatGPT to generate SEO keywords whenever new rows are added to Google Sheets.
    • Application: Ideal for content creators and digital marketers, this tool simplifies the process of identifying relevant keywords for articles, blogs, and web content. By automating this step, it significantly reduces the time and effort spent on keyword research, allowing for a more streamlined content strategy.
    • Benefit: Ensures that your content is optimized for search engines, potentially increasing visibility and audience reach.
  2. Email Response Automation:
    • Function: ChatGPT, when integrated with Google Sheets, can automatically respond to business emails.
    • Application: This is particularly valuable for handling repetitive queries like sponsorship or partnership inquiries. It can be customized to respond based on specific triggers or keywords found in the emails.
    • Benefit: This automation saves time, reduces the workload on your team, and ensures timely responses to important emails, enhancing business communication efficiency.
  3. Customer Feedback Sentiment Analysis:
    • Function: ChatGPT can analyze the sentiment of customer feedback inputted into Google Sheets.
    • Application: This is a powerful tool for recruiters, surveyors, and data analysts, who can use it to gauge customer satisfaction, employee feedback, or market research responses.
    • Benefit: Provides valuable insights into customer opinions and experiences, helping businesses make informed decisions and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. Airtable for Advanced Automations:
    • Function: Similar to Google Sheets, Airtable rows can trigger ChatGPT to create new outputs.
    • Application: This can be used for a variety of tasks, such as content generation, data organization, and project management.
    • Benefit: Airtable’s versatile database structure coupled with ChatGPT’s language processing capabilities makes for powerful, customized automations across different business functions.
  5. Sales Analysis for Online Businesses:
    • Function: Businesses using e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify can automate their sales analysis reports with OpenAI integration.
    • Application: This automation can compile sales data, analyze trends, and generate comprehensive reports.
    • Benefit: It provides businesses with detailed insights into their sales performance, helping them make data-driven decisions to boost sales and optimize their marketing strategies.
  6. Automated Slack Status Updates:
    • Function: Create new Slack statuses based on specified topics using OpenAI.
    • Application: This is particularly useful in remote or hybrid work setups, where team members can update their status to reflect their current tasks or availability automatically.
    • Benefit: Enhances communication and coordination within remote teams, ensuring everyone is aware of each other’s focus areas or availability.

Other articles we have written that you may find of interest on the  subject of ChatGPT automation  and workflow optimization :

ChatGPT automations

  1. Language Translation for Telegram Bot:
    • Function: This feature allows for the translation of Telegram bot messages into multiple languages using ChatGPT.
    • Application: It’s particularly useful for businesses and individuals who communicate with a global audience. Whether it’s customer support, information dissemination, or casual conversations, this tool breaks the language barrier.
    • Benefit: Enhances global communication and engagement, ensuring messages reach a broader audience in their preferred language.
  2. Interactive Telegram Bot Responses:
    • Function: ChatGPT enables the Telegram bot to provide automated responses to direct questions asked in the app.
    • Application: This can be used for a variety of purposes such as customer service, information queries, or interactive engagements.
    • Benefit: Speeds up information access and improves user interaction, offering real-time, accurate responses to queries.
  3. Social Media Content Generation:
    • Function: Automatically converts published articles into social media posts.
    • Application: Ideal for content marketers and social media managers, this tool helps in repurposing blog posts or articles for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    • Benefit: Saves time in content creation and ensures consistent online presence, expanding the reach of existing content.
  4. Google Drive Audio File Transcription:
    • Function: Utilizes OpenAI Whisper to transcribe audio files from Google Drive, with the option to send summaries via email.
    • Application: Perfect for businesses and teams that record meetings, interviews, or lectures and need them transcribed for record-keeping or follow-ups.
    • Benefit: Streamlines the process of converting spoken words to text, facilitating easy access and review of audio content.
  5. LinkedIn Content from TikTok Videos:
    • Function: ChatGPT assists in repurposing TikTok video content for LinkedIn posts.
    • Application: Useful for content creators and marketers aiming to leverage their TikTok content in a professional context on LinkedIn.
    • Benefit: Maximizes the utility of video content across different platforms, enhancing social media presence and engagement.
  6. Zoom Meeting Summaries:
    • Function: Transcribe and summarize Zoom meeting recordings efficiently.
    • Application: Beneficial for businesses and educational institutions to keep records of meetings, lectures, or discussions.
    • Benefit: Ensures important details and decisions from meetings are captured and made easily accessible for future reference.
  7. E-commerce Product Description Creation:
    • Function: Generates high-converting product descriptions for e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.
    • Application: This is a boon for e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their product listings with compelling descriptions.
    • Benefit: Improves SEO and the potential for organic traffic, leading to better conversion rates and sales.
  8. Support Ticket Categorization:
    • Function: ChatGPT helps in categorizing support tickets and matching them with the most suitable customer service agents based on their expertise.
    • Application: This is particularly beneficial for customer support teams in managing a large volume of inquiries and ensuring that each ticket is addressed by the right agent.
    • Benefit: Enhances the efficiency of customer service, leading to quicker resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.


  1. Direct Social Media Posting from Blogs:
    • Function: This feature enables direct posting of content on social media platforms from blog articles using ChatGPT.
    • Application: It’s useful for bloggers, content creators, and digital marketers looking to maximize their online presence without additional effort in content creation for social media.
    • Benefit: Saves time and ensures a consistent and broadened digital footprint, increasing audience engagement.
  2. Automated Competitor Analysis:
    • Function: Analyse competitor strategies from Gong calls and store the insights in Airtable.
    • Application: Sales and marketing teams can use this feature to stay informed about competitors’ tactics and strategies.
    • Benefit: Provides valuable intelligence for refining sales approaches and marketing strategies, keeping businesses competitive.
  3. Follow-up Question Responses:
    • Function: OpenAI GPT-3 offers the capability to provide quick and accurate responses to follow-up questions.
    • Application: Ideal for customer service, help desks, and interactive platforms where prompt responses are crucial.
    • Benefit: Enhances customer service efficiency, ensuring that users receive timely and relevant information.
  4. Custom Messaging Workflows:
    • Function: Personalize messaging workflows using OpenAI’s ‘write me’ feature based on specific prompts.
    • Application: This can be used by businesses for customized marketing messages, personalized emails, or unique content creation.
    • Benefit: Allows for greater flexibility and creativity in communications, tailored to specific audiences or purposes.
  5. Meeting Summaries with Audio Files:
    • Function: Generate concise audio summaries of meetings, making them accessible for reference and team updates.
    • Application: Useful for corporate teams, project groups, and educational settings where meeting recaps are essential.
    • Benefit: Saves time in revisiting meeting content and ensures key points and decisions are effectively communicated.
  6. Product Satisfaction Survey Analysis:
    • Function: Perform sentiment analysis on product satisfaction surveys to gauge customer opinions and experiences.
    • Application: Essential for businesses seeking to understand customer feedback in depth and improve their products or services.
    • Benefit: Offers valuable insights into customer satisfaction, aiding in product development and customer relationship management.

Make online automation service

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  1. Efficient Audio Notifications:
    • Function: Utilize Eden AI to send audio files generated by ChatGPT in Telegram for effective audio notifications.
    • Application: Can be used for reminders, updates, or alerts in a more engaging and accessible format than traditional text notifications.
    • Benefit: Enhances the effectiveness of communication, particularly in scenarios where quick information dissemination is critical.
  2. Sales Insights from Gong Call Summaries:
    • Function: Summarize Gong calls using OpenAI for in-depth sales insights and strategy development.
    • Application: Sales teams can use this feature to analyse call recordings for understanding customer interactions, objections, and responses.
    • Benefit: Provides a concise overview of sales calls, helping in identifying successful tactics and areas for improvement.
  3. Workflow Customization with Airtable:
    • Function: Similar to Google Sheets, this integration allows for automating responses and data analysis with Airtable.
    • Application: Suitable for a variety of business processes including project management, CRM updates, and content planning.
    • Benefit: Offers a more flexible and robust system for managing complex workflows, enhancing productivity and data organization.
  4. Blog Content Repurposing Across Platforms:
    • Function: ChatGPT aids in adapting blog content for use across multiple social media platforms.
    • Application: Content creators and digital marketers can extend the reach of their blog posts by converting them into format-specific content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Benefit: Maximizes the value of existing content, ensuring wider dissemination and engagement without additional content creation efforts.
  5. Streamlined Customer Service:
    • Function: Automate the allocation of support tickets to customer service agents based on their expertise.
    • Application: Ideal for customer support centres dealing with a range of inquiries requiring different levels of expertise.
    • Benefit: Ensures that customer queries are handled by the most qualified agents, improving resolution time and customer satisfaction.
  6. Multilingual Telegram Bot Interactions:
    • Function: Automatically translate Telegram bot messages into various languages.
    • Application: Useful for businesses and communities that interact with a diverse, global audience.
    • Benefit: Breaks down language barriers, enabling more inclusive and effective communication with international users.
  7. Creative Content Generation:
    • Function: ChatGPT is used to generate a variety of creative content, from social media posts to complete blog articles.
    • Application: Valuable for marketers, bloggers, and content creators who need regular, high-quality content.
    • Benefit: Streamlines the content creation process, providing fresh, engaging, and tailored content while saving time and resources.
  8. Automated Social Media Analytics:
    • Function: ChatGPT can analyse social media metrics and generate comprehensive reports.
    • Application: Ideal for social media managers and marketers who need to track the performance of their campaigns across various platforms.
    • Benefit: Provides detailed insights into engagement rates, audience growth, and content performance, enabling more informed social media strategies.
  9. Project Management Optimization:
    • Function: Utilize ChatGPT to streamline project management tasks such as updating project statuses, generating progress reports, and automating task assignments.
    • Application: Useful for project managers and teams in both small-scale and large-scale projects.
    • Benefit: Improves project tracking and team coordination, ensuring timely completion of tasks and efficient resource allocation.
  10. Automated Market Research Summaries:
    • Function: ChatGPT can summarize extensive market research data and provide key insights.
    • Application: Valuable for businesses and market analysts looking to quickly understand market trends, consumer behaviour, and industry changes.
    • Benefit: Offers a swift and comprehensive overview of complex market data, aiding in strategic decision-making and business planning.

The world of automation, especially with tools like ChatGPT, opens up a realm of possibilities for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. By automating repetitive tasks, from managing emails and social media posts to analysing complex data, you free up valuable time and resources. This allows you and your team to focus on more creative and strategic endeavours.

The key advantage of these automations lies in their ability to handle a wide array of tasks efficiently and accurately. Whether it’s generating content, summarizing meetings, or analysing customer feedback, these tools not only save time but also bring a level of consistency and precision that is hard to achieve manually. In essence, embracing these automation solutions can lead to a more organized, efficient, and productive work environment, ultimately driving success and growth in your personal and professional life.


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