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Top sites to grow real Instagram followers.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the U.S. – with over 2 billion people using the platform, according to Demand Sage. Because of how popular the platform is, anyone who wants to become an influencer has a lot of opportunities and a big chance to find their target audience. However, many would-be influencers give up after a few weeks once they see that gaining followers is very difficult.

Posting content and using the right hashtags used to be enough to get you noticed on the platform, but not anymore. Things have changed on Instagram to better accommodate a platform that sees millions of visits a day.

Now, the main focus of the platform is engagement, which is what you need to cater to if you are a novice influencer. Let’s learn a little more about the Instagram algorithm, so you can learn how to reach the top.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Before you can understand why buying followers is the best way to gain an organic following, you should first understand how the Instagram algorithm works. This will help you figure out a better social media marketing strategy that suits your needs as an established or upcoming influencer.

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that allows the platform to make informed decisions on which posts and accounts to promote. The algorithm’s goal is to make sure users spend as much time on the platform as possible. All social media apps compete with each other for attention and keeping users on their apps is how they win.

The algorithm helps Instagram by consistently showing users posts they are interested in, so they stay on the app for longer. One of the factors the algorithm uses to determine which posts to promote is engagement. Engagement is any act that a user takes on the platform, such as likes, comments, views, follows, and shares. Engagement indicates that the content is good enough to make the user act, therefore extending the time they stay on the app.

When users regularly engage with an account, they usually stay on it for a long time, either looking through the account’s history, reading other comments, or sharing and discussing the account with friends. Accounts with high engagement rates are very much preferred on Instagram, so they are promoted more by the algorithm.

An account with a low follower count isn’t going to generate enough engagement for the algorithm to notice it. The Instagram algorithm rarely helps out accounts with a small follower count, so if you don’t already have an audience, growing on Instagram will take a lot of time and energy – and even then, it is not guaranteed to work. If you had a lot of followers, however, then your algorithm rank rises considerably.

This is why buying followers is the ideal way to boost your Instagram profile. Purchased followers get the algorithm’s attention and make it notice your account. Once that happens, the algorithm will push your Instagram posts to new people, who will find your account and choose to follow you if they like what they see. This transforms a bought-following into an organic one if used correctly.

Each time you purchase IG followers, you’ll get a promotional boost on the platform, because the algorithm considers your account valuable – if only temporarily. This gives you the time needed to post more content, engage with your new followers, and make this advantage stick.

The six best sites to buy Instagram followers

So, how and where do you buy Instagram followers? There are many sites online where you can buy Instagram followers for your account, but you need to know how to choose the right one. Not all sites have the benefits you need to grow on Instagram, and there are plenty of scam sites you need to watch out for. If you’re not careful and you buy from a scam site, you could even get your account suspended on Instagram, in addition to losing the funds you spent on the disreputable site.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best sites where you can buy followers that will aid your Instagram growth. Apart from being able to buy followers, our trustworthy collection of sites can help you further by selling other forms of engagement, including Instagram likes, views, and comments. The more engagement your account generates, the more the algorithm will recommend your content. If you’re serious about becoming an influencer, consider purchasing their engagement packages and boosting your account as much as possible.

Here’s a list of the top US sites where you can buy Instagram followers.

1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is number one on our list for multiple reasons. They are the best at providing real Instagram followers that have a profound effect on the way the algorithm promotes your content.

Buzzoid offers active followers for your Instagram profile that will help you achieve organic growth. Aside from being a reliable growth service when it comes to the results you seek, you can also count on Buzzoid to keep your information safe and secure, no matter how many times you purchase followers from them.

Courtesy Image.

To buy from Buzzoid, all you need is your credit card or debit card, your email, and your Instagram username. Buzzoid will never ask for your password, nor will they ask you to store personal information on their website. They keep customer data safe using various kinds of web security measures. To top it off, they hold customer card information on a temporary server that gets deleted, so you never have to worry about your information getting stolen in the event of a rare breach.

Hesitant, first-time buyers can rest easy knowing that their data is completely safe, which is why Buzzoid is number one on this list as the best site for buying IG followers.

2. Twicsy

Twicsy only offers real Instagram accounts, not bots. Bot accounts are unreliable, which is why high-quality followers are recommended if you truly want to be in the good graces of Instagram’s algorithm. Bots get deleted by Instagram after triggering their spam detection system, so you’re always left with fewer followers than you paid for after just a few weeks.

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Real accounts have realistic usernames and profile pictures, and they are made by real people. Not only does this prevent them from getting deleted as easily as fake accounts, but they also look natural on your followers list.

Once you’ve purchased IG followers from Twicsy, you can expect quick and reliable delivery that’s completed in less than 24 hours. Unlike other sites, Twicsy doesn’t make you wait for the followers you paid for. This is another reason why buying from Twicsy works so well to promote your account on the platform. If you don’t have a lot of followers and you post a picture on Instagram, that post may only lead to one person following you. That’s not a lot of engagement.

Now, if you buy from Twicsy and post a picture as the followers roll in, the Instagram algorithm will think that your content was so valuable that it generated all that engagement. You’ll become the algorithm’s golden child in no time.

In the rare event that you don’t receive your order, Twicsy will offer free refills every 30 days to ensure that you get to keep all your followers on your account. What you pay for is what you get – indefinitely! This gives buyers peace of mind about their new follower package.

Twicsy offers many follower packages to choose from. Every time you want to give your account a boost, you can do so in a way that’s appropriate for the size of your account.

For example, if you’re just starting, you don’t want a drastic jump in follower count. You can start small, with a few hundred followers – that will be more than enough to promote your account on the platform and gain followers organically.

Once your account grows a little more, you can buy higher follower packages that give you a bigger push throughout the platform. This could be 500, 1,000 or even 15,000 followers – depending on the following your account already has.

Twicsy’s customer support team is available 24/7, so you can feel confident that they’re always there to help you answer any question you may have. To get in contact with Twicsy’s excellent customer support team, you don’t need to create an account or wait too long. Because they are always available, no matter what time of day you contact them, you can always expect them to respond quickly.

3. Rushmax

Sometimes, you need to increase your follower count quickly to impress sponsors or to take advantage of a trend. If you want an instant delivery, then Rushmax is the right site for you.

Rushmax specializes in delivering large quantities of followers in a very short amount of time. After you make your purchase, you’ll see the followers begin to roll into your account within minutes, making them one of the fastest sites when it comes to delivering followers.

4. TokMatik

TokMatik is a site where you can buy TikTok followers and engagement. If you’re more interested in Instagram marketing, you may be wondering how TokMatik can help you, but the truth is that gaining followers on another site can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to gain followers on Instagram.

You can buy real users that will follow you on TikTok, increase your brand awareness on that platform, and then use your popularity there to promote your Instagram page. TokMatik makes it incredibly simple to generate interest for your account elsewhere and then use it for your Instagram popularity.

5. iDigic

If you want quality and reliability, iDigic is the site for you. They are so confident in their products and services that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply let them know and they’ll make it right.

Best of all, when you purchase followers from their company, you’re guaranteed to see more engagement on your Instagram page. Their packages contain quality Instagram followers that are sure to increase the number of organic followers you get with every post, whether you’re an influencer focused on pictures, videos, stories and more.

Their proven track record of success means you can trust that iDigic is the right choice for anyone looking to increase their online presence and reach their target audience more effectively.

6. The Social Net

The Social Net offers affordable prices and fast delivery. Their quality services are better suited for small business accounts, but serious influencers that are looking to turn their image into a brand can use their services as well. Although their cheap Instagram followers is a plus, their customer service team is a little slow in responding, so if good communication is a must for you, you may want to use another site.

Will I need to buy followers all the time?

If you buy followers once, will you need to buy again and again for the rest of your influencer career? If you want to reach 10,000 followers, will those 10,000 followers all have to be paid?

These are questions many first-time buyers have, and they are completely valid. The truth is, depending on your social media goals, you may need to buy followers multiple times, but not just to fill out your followers list.

Buying followers doesn’t just fill up your followers list with paid accounts. It gives you a boost in the algorithm so that Instagram promotes your account to the masses. However, this boost is only temporary and the account eventually hits a plateau as the promotional period for your account ends. When this happens, if you want to see another boost, you will need to buy more Insta followers.

But again, this is all dependent on the goals you have in mind for your account. If you feel like you can gain followers on your own after buying user accounts once or twice, just keep in mind that the process of gaining followers will be much slower, and you may not see fast growth anymore.

Why trust our picks?

Over the years, SocialFlow has established a consistent reputation for providing reliable and effective social media strategies to influencer clients. Our extensive experience in the industry means that we understand the latest social media trends, tools and techniques, and know how to use them to get the fastest results. You can read the social proof provided by our lovely clients on our website and see for yourself how our advice has helped the hundreds of people that trust our expertise.

We understand Instagram like the back of our hand and have worked with clients that use the sites we recommend above, so we have seen these businesses in action many times. Like you, we are highly invested in social media platforms and how they can help brands, which is why you can trust that you’re getting the best advice from industry experts.

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Do you plan to grow your Instagram followers organically? Well, who does not want to, but most of you are not as skilled as it requires. You need to follow various tips and tricks to get more Instagram followers and expand your Instagram platform.

In the near-decade that this digital media handle has been everywhere, it keeps modifying its algorithms and offering new features, meaning brands require constant profile growth.

Well, how do businesses adapt? By incorporating and trying out novel growth planes. Indeed some services can boost growth via offering paid followers and likes, but organic followers are best than things. It is best for the startups and newbies to buy these followers count but beware of the bots. If you are afraid of such scams, then look for the means to earn organic followers.

What describes Instagram Growth?

Instagram is the key element when you discuss the growth of your business. But how can you describe the development of these social media channels? It begins with the followers’ count you gain and have.

But to have these novel followers, you will require improving interaction with your profile business exposure and making a compelling post. Otherwise, why else would anyone follow you? If your Instagram growth is static and likes to add a little spark into your plan, suggest testing these tips.

Tip #1. Research

Whether you discuss this photo-sharing application or other online handles, the main key to the success path would be RESEARCH. In Instagram cases, you have to research your focused people. It is useless to run after the users who are not curious about your things. Via research, you might target a specific group of individuals who like to know about your services.

Here are the top tips to help on learning your focused audience:

Categorization: Begin categorizing your focused people based on multiple factors like:

  • location
  • age groups
  • main interests

Besides that, you are also required to explore that kind of post that shall draw their attention.

Communicate: Remember, communication is a magic potion to every brand’s growth. Thus, we would suggest you interact with your followers. Talking to the focused people would never be feasible. Hence you can make it happen via indirect means like feeds and stories. Via, these Instagram stories, you may ask them regarding their disinterest and interests.

Competitors’ analysis: You must always be conscious of your competitor’s activity. Assure that your business is going through your rival posting plan regularly. Also, study other factors too, like:

  • comment on the post
  • primary content

Increase Instagram followers: Buying Instagram likes and followers are famous these days. Many users go to get Instagram followers UK to mark their presence.

Tip #2. Planning:

After identifying your target people, you have to begin working on the content plan. Remember never to post anything randomly just for posting purposes. It would never help you in this manner, but in the end, it decreases your credibility. Hence, it will be it that you schedule your e post well before uploading it finally.

Tip #3. Support Similar Profile:

You must always follow a similar profile which is the same as yours. It’s a suitable means to keep some exposure. View and like on their content and show your presence. Take out time from the routine and interact with a similar profile.

Tip #4. Hashtag

Usage of #tags has been a suitable plan to have more followers. Using 30 tags is not necessary but use the relevant ones. In Instagram, it is the game of quality and not quantity. Remember the hashtag show the true image of your content in front of the target users.

Tip #5. Use other Mediums:

It would help if you always boosted your official profile on other social media handles. These may be Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. You can try out incorporating the widget to the official FB profile that can implant your Instagram information in the Facebook profile. Also, add the noteworthy Instagram profile to your Instagram account whenever you send an email.

Tip #6. Geolocation Tagging

If you upload the content from any Instagramable area, assure you use geotags effectively. If you are reposting any post or using the images, you must mention the concerned owners in the caption. Chances are more that your page will earn the same recognition. You must perform with joint interests; hence, you both get benefits.

Wrap it up:

Having fewer Instagram boosts although many activities on this channel shall offer you a bad feeling. But never hope because these tips will help you expand your Instagram profile effectively. All you require is patience.

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By Neil Patel.

Last week, I was discussing Instagram strategies with a colleague. Naturally, the conversation flowed from building followers and engagement to generating revenue.

Of course, monetizing any digital channel requires some planning and a well-executed strategy.

But Instagram is different.

One thing that really got me thinking is how Instagram only allows you to link to 1 website or page in your profile’s description (unless you’re paying for ads).

This really changes the playing field and limits a brand’s opportunities to promote the sale – at least by traditional standards.

We’ve all seen those awe-inspiring accounts where it seems like Instagrammers are raking in serious cash just by posting selfies.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

The reality is that it’s a gradual process. In fact, when it’s the talk of brands, 50 percent of Instagrammers follow at least 1 business, but only 5 percent of them take action (like shopping) after being inspired by a post.

I took these numbers from the Instagram facts-and-stats infographic published by MarketingProfs. Here are a few more highlights.

Don’t get me wrong – the platform is great for generating sales.

It can even account for as much as 80 percent of a brand’s sales, as it did in the case of The Beaufort Bonnet Company, a Kentucky brand selling high-end baby items.

It’s just that Instagram has its own quirks, and it takes a while for the money to flow in.

Selling to your followers can be a big challenge, especially when the impact of the content you post is decreasing. The Instagram account of National Geographic reflected this trend.

As its following increased, and as the number of brands posting to Instagram also increased, engagement with the global nonprofit’s posts declined, revealed TrackMaven.

Most brands can resonate with this trend.

But, it’s possible to see a decent influx of sales – and that requires using Instagram strategically.

In this post, I’m going to list a few different measures that you can take to encourage your followers to buy from your brand.

We know that selling is partially a numbers game. So obviously, your follower numbers will impact your sales numbers. But when it comes to profitability, it’s all about the conversion power you generate.

So, how do you make your followers stop mid-scroll on their feeds and notice your product or service?

Let’s jump in.

Establish a Personal Connection Using Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct, or DM as it is popularly known, gives you an opportunity to connect with consumers personally through private messaging.

You can access this feature by clicking the arrow icon in the top-right corner of your Instagram account. Here’s what it looks like:

It will then give you the option to send text and multimedia messages by displaying a message thread. You can send messages to 15 followers at a time.

There’s also an option to give a certain name to the group of followers you’re sending the message to.

If you want to reference a specific follower’s name or shopping preferences, the DM needs to be sent to each follower individually.

Now that you’re familiar with Instagram Direct, here’s how you can use it to drive sales.

Tactic #1: Offer a promo code

Send a product image to your followers and share a promo code in your message. Instagram Direct doesn’t allow you embed clickable links, so send any links as their own individual message.

You can also announce that this promo code is exclusive to your Instagram followers to encourage them to use it and make a purchase.

Another thing you can do is to add a time limit to the promo to incite a quicker response.

Tactic #2: Host a contest right before a sale

If I offered you free tickets to watch The Fate of the Furious, and all you had to do was comment on the photo of Dwayne Johnson’s outfit, would you do it? I would’ve been all in.

I would’ve been all in.

That’s the allure of an Instagram contest.

A good idea is to host one right before putting your product or service on sale.

Use Instagram Direct to spice things up. For instance, you can post a contest photo and announce that the first 15 people to comment will receive a DM from you on how to participate.

This is exactly how the clothing retailer GAP leveraged Instagram Direct.

The prize should be a product that you’re going to offer in the sale.

Here’s why: By offering the product in the contest, you’ve piqued the interest of those who participated. While they wanted it for free (who doesn’t?), the sale price might be an extra push of encouragement to buy.

That’s really good nurturing at work.

Tactic #3: Conduct Q&A sessions

Instagram Direct supports threaded conversations, so use this as an opportunity to find out if your followers have specific questions about your products.

You can also invite them for a one-on-one Q&A session. it’s a great way to learn about their preferences and educate them about your products.

This is a great way to learn about their preferences and educate them about your products.

To make Instagram Direct really pay off, I recommend segmenting your followers into different groups based on engagement.

For instance, those who engage more with your content can be put in the group that displays the “highest brand loyalty.”

You can use SumAll Premium to add efficiency to your Instagram segmentation efforts.

All of the above tactics should work better with segmented groups.

Make Buying Easy with Shoppable Instagram

While creating an e-commerce-like experience on Instagram sounds like a pipedream, it’s possible with shoppable Instagram tools.

The right tools can transform your feed into an immersive shopping experience. Your followers can explore the unique features of your products and buy with a few easy clicks when they’re ready.

And since you’re only allowed to promote a single link in your bio, these tools are also super handy for avoiding that clumsy and distracting “visit link in bio” image caption that we’ve all seen.

So let’s harness the robust functionality of these tools to make your Instagram feed shoppable. Here are your options.

Tool #1 – Like2Buy

This tool allows you to link photos from your Instagram account to the product or service available on your website.

Using your Like2Buy link in the bio section of your Instagram account, followers are able to open up a gallery of shoppable Instagram photos and click through to buy products on your website.

In addition, followers can also see a personalized feed of the product images they’ve liked that can also be purchased. It appears in the “My Likes” tab that’s present on the Like2Buy page.

Because the tool incorporates the same photos on the Like2Buy page as on your Instagram account, followers don’t feel they’re leaving Instagram.

Curalate says that Like2Buy-referred visitors have a greater average order value than the typical mobile shopper.

However, Like2Buy is for larger businesses and certainly not the ideal option if you’re looking to start right away. You’ll have to shell out $1,000 – $2,000 a month to use it.

Tool #2 – Like2Have.it

This tool enables you to create an embeddable feed and includes links that refer followers to relevant product pages.

You can also feature the images of your existing customers demonstrating how to use your product or service in the embeddable feed.

The user-generated feed works well on product pages by giving followers social proof and gently encouraging them to add products to their shopping carts.

Neckwear, a Swedish shirts and accessories company catering men, uses Like2Have.it to display a shoppable gallery featuring photos from Neckwear’s Instagram account on its website.

Like2Have.it is more suitable for smaller brands. The price is $20 a month.

Tool #3 Linkin.bio

Apart from Like2Buy and Like2Have.it, you can look into Linkin.bio, a part of Later’s – an Instagram scheduling tool – premium plan.

Linkin.bio is a landing page that looks similar to your Instagram feed and shows your images as clickable pictures.

When any follower visits that page, they can click on your Instagram post to go to the product page that the image is about.

It costs $16 a month for 2 Instagram accounts and also provides an option to schedule Instagram posts.

Make shopping easy for your followers by choosing an appropriate shoppable Instagram tool to encourage more purchases.

Piggyback on Influencers to Inspire Followers to Shop

It’s no secret that influencer marketing works. Linqia’s The State of Influencer Marketing Survey revealed that 94 percent of marketers who have used influencer marketing found it to be effective.

And guess which platform along with Facebook is considered the most important for influencer endeavors? Instagram! 87 percent of marketers referenced these two platforms.

Also, Instagram is the best performing platform for social action when it comes to influencers, having a 3.21 percent engagement rate (in contrast to 1.5 percent across all social media channels).

So why not bring influencers into the mix to encourage your followers to purchase your product or service?

According to Social Media Examiner:

There are over 40,000 influencers on Instagram covering all verticals including fashion, beauty, health and wellness, home décor, food and more. With tens of thousands to millions of followers, influencers are trusted for their opinions and they can add credibility to the products they promote.

Therefore, influencers can do much more than just drive sales on your Instagram account. Because your followers will relate to them and value their opinion, they can establish brand equity.

So, with all that in consideration, let’s look at the tactics for using Instagram influencers effectively.

Step #1 Get Relevant Influencers On Board

It’s important to get as targeted as possible when it comes to choosing the influencers you’ll work with.

For instance, if you’re selling handbags, you’ll want to work with influencers who possess knowledge on the subject, such as personal style Instagrammers who talk about handbags and demonstrate different ways to carry them.

The hard part is finding targeted influencers. You’ll have to sift through hundreds of accounts to see who is relevant to your business and if they have influence over the type of people you have as your followers.

One way to cut the research hours is to discover the top hashtags in your particular niche and see what posts are trending.

Often, the “Most Liked” section on Instagram will include posts from influencers.

For the hashtag #conversionrateoptimization, the top post in the “Most Liked” section for this hashtag is from Unbounce.

I recommend using IconoSquare to speed things up. The tool allows you to find hashtags based on popularity, growth, engagement and more.

Still, you’d have to spend time comparing different profiles when you take this approach.

Fortunately, there are a variety of tools out there that can automate the process of analyzing several profiles and detecting suitable influencers for you.

Called influencer marketing tools, they give you accurate results on each influencer’s reach, relevance, and authority. Here are some options:

Here are some options:

Tool 1: Ninja Outreach

The company has over 2 million Instagram influencers in its database and growing.

You just have to type in a keyword inside the Ninja Outreach dashboard to discover thousands of relevant influencers based on the keywords you’re targeting in your niche.

The tool enables you to filter influencers by tags as well as follower count. In addition, it gives you additional data about each influencer such as their website address and contact information.

Tool 2: Ifluenz

Ifluenz is straightforward to use. You just have to create an account, select the campaign criteria, and wait for influencers to make your product or service popular on Instagram.

You can choose to run either a regular campaign or a personalized campaign using this tool. Here’s what each offers:

Zalando used this tool to announce the availability of a new pair of sneakers and drive traffic to its website using fashion influencers with an engaged following.

The result was increased sales, new followers on Zalando’s Instagram account, and new subscribers on the company’s email list.

The campaign reached 248,000 Instagram users that gave 20,200 likes and left 1,373 comments. 90 percent of the comments were positive.

Tool 3: InfluencerDB

InfluencerDB’s database contains influencers from every channel on Instagram. You are able to apply filters to discover channels based on languages used, their KPIs, or the location they post from.

The Engaged Influencers section in InfluencerDB’s dashboard shows influencers who engage the most with a particular channel.

You can then use the tool’s Influencer Analysis features to analyze their profile, where their followers come from, and how they behave on Instagram.

What’s unique about InfluencerDB is that it goes real deep into finding insights about an influencer’s authority. For instance, it shows media value per post and the comments per post for each influencer.

Step #2: Work with Your Influencers to Encourage Purchases

After choosing the influencers you want to work with, how do you make them your brand’s catalyst in sales generation? Here are some ideas:

Tactic 1: Promote discounts or giveaways through Influencers

Influencers have the ability to instill a sense of motivation to try a product. When you allow them to give a discount, they give followers a more compelling reason to check out your offer.

Sumo cited an example where the bone broth company Kettle and Fire did just that. The brand worked with Whole30 Approved to introduce their new Chicken Bone Broth through a giveaway and a discount.

The influencer-powered promotion resulted in 374 website visits and 21 sales with a $95 average order value.

Consumers were given the final push towards the purchase when the influencer shared the discount code. This gave a credible stamp of approval and drove home the value of the discount.

Tactic 2: Get Them to Demonstrate Unique Ways of Using Your Product

Placing products in an enticing setting can work great for sponsored content. But it’s more effective when influencers put the daily life use of your product or service into perspective.

Give influencers some freedom when you take this approach. You’d be surprised to see them come up with unique ways of using your product.

For instance, fashion Instagrammers often create new looks when showing clothing or accessories in action.

Also, influencers can provide tips on how Instagram followers can use the product in the same manner.

Ensure that you repost the content published by your hand-picked influencers. This can inspire your followers to try out your product.

ThinkGeek does that regularly.

The company doesn’t shy away from reposting the content of other Instagram users showcasing ThinkGeek’s products in action.

Tactic 3: Host an Instagram Takeover

Pass over your Instagram content strategy to your influencers by inviting them to post directly to your account as well as engage with your followers in real time.

Even though there may not be a discount or any sort of perk, because the takeover is momentary, it sparks an instant reaction to the discussion at hand such as commenting or even buying products.

Typically, before the takeover, the brand and the content creator should hype their collaboration. Wendy Rowe did this before taking over Sephora’s Instagram account.

The monthly beauty and grooming subscription box company, Birchbox, does a great job at Instagram takeovers.

It presents a unique stream of content to its followers through the voice of influencers, who announce giveaways, new products, and more.

All that improves brand affinity and likely has a positive effect on Birchbox’s sales.


The revenue you generate from social commerce is just as important as the income you generate from your website, and Instagram can be an invaluable tool to boost your social media sales.

The three tactics I mentioned in the article will leave your followers with a positive sentiment about your product or service. They’ll also help you navigate the unique obstacles of the platform – especially the one-link limit for each account.

Soon, your followers will be moving through the buying process as you build a good relationship with them and make it easy to shop on Instagram.

Expect your brand’s influencers to reduce the time your followers spend on making a decision.

By Neil Patel.

By Eric Kim.

How to Get More Instagram Followers

  1. Follow as many other people you can, hoping that they will ‘follow back’
  2. If someone doesn’t follow you back, unfollow them. After all, you don’t want your follower/following ratio to look unbalanced.
  3. #Hashtag the shit out of your photos. The more hashtags, the better. Don’t forget to leave additional comments on the bottom of your photos to add more hashtags.
  4. Go on Google and search for services to get you more followers.
  5. Whenever you meet someone in real life, tell them to follow you.
  6. Like and comment as many other people’s photos, so maybe they can follow you back.
  7. Upload a photo everyday, or else you might actually lose followers.
  8. Cross-promote: Tell your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. Tell your Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram. Tell your YouTube followers to follow you on Instagram. Use every social media channel to remind them to follow you on Instagram.
  9. Get people with a lot of followers on Instagram to mention you on their Instagram.
  10. Check your phone every 5 minutes, because the more you check, the more likely you are to get more followers. It is the ‘law of attraction.’

I am guilty of many of these.

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