By Erica Bell

Using triggered email marketing campaigns can keep customers coming back for more by making sure you leave a positive impact from the…

Marketing automation is a hot topic for modern marketers. Businesses, sales pros, and marketing teams are all looking for ways to reach more of the right people in a more efficient way than they have in the past. Automated emails can be a thing of beauty — but only if your business does it right. It’s all about timing and relevance and if your business can get these two things figured out for its target audience, you’ll be more successful. We took a look at a case study released by BtoB online of how one business was able to turn its email marketing efforts around with a timely, tailored new user campaign. Here’s what the company achieved and what your business can take away.

The Case Study: Wasp Barcode Technologies

A 2011 BtoB Online case study analyzed the email marketing efforts of a company who wanted to reach its customers with more timely offers and information. Wasp Barcode Technologies wanted to leverage the idea of creating and rolling out a campaign of nine timed emails aimed at new customers. With goals of improving the onboarding process and encouraging users to engage with their new software immediately after activation, Wasp Barcode Technologies’ campaign took the form of nine triggered emails following a purchase for their software. The first email the company sent out, within 24 hours, was a message about the free training they offered. The next email provided the new user with information about downloadable tutorials and was sent three days after their initial triggered email. Emails three through nine were sent every 30 days with the idea of improving the user experience and satisfaction with information provided in each message.

The Results: The company found that the activation campaign opt-outs were 60% lower than in other campaigns and the open rates yielded a 105% lift over previous efforts. In addition to those successes, 50% of their new testimonials came directly from the email campaign and click-throughs for complimentary products averaged 25% higher than previous campaigns.

What You Can Take Away

New user email marketing campaigns are a great way for your business to deepen the relationship it already has with a customer. While returning customers may be the bulk of your business, new customers are key to a business’s success. Get your new customers on board and engaged right away to make sure they become repeat customers that keep coming back for more products, services and content from your business. If you’re considering developing a triggered email campaign, consider structuring your outreach in a way similar to the one Wasp Barcode Technologies took:

  • Email One: This can be your welcome email that encourages the user to get started with your product or service right away. Encourage them to check out a free training session, get in touch with a representative, or check out your FAQ or forum section.
  • Email Two: This is another warm, inviting email that encourages your user to interact with the content you have available. A relevant white paper, how-to video or podcast are all things you can feature.
  • Email Three: Offer an extended warranty or another one-on-one training session. Focus on relevance and context. If they have a certain period of time to complete registration for support or a warranty, this is your chance to send them a reminder.
  • Emails Four and Five: To improve the user experience, offer your customers more how-to’s, practical tips, and surprising ways in which they can make the most of your software or product.
  • Email Six: This is your chance to upsell the customer with an add-on or accessory. Just make sure you aren’t overstepping, especially if their recent purchase put a strain on their budget.
  • Email Seven: Offer your customer an upgrade. If they’ve been working with you and have become a loyal customer, you can do this at a discount.
  • Email Eight: Customer feedback is key. Use this email to ask your customer what they think of the purchase process you provide, the product or service they’ve invested in, and the content and offers you’ve been sharing.

Email marketing can work and your business can stand out from all the others hitting inboxes. If a customer has chosen to work with your business, make sure you’re providing them with timely, relevant information that can help them be more successful. Keep customers coming back for more by making sure you leave a positive impact from the first purchase onward.

By Erica Bell

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