Like App has hit #1 on the iTunes charts with the debut of its 4d magic video editing feature.

Singaporean LIKE APP, which (roughly summarised) is a video-selfie app with added features, is big news. The app has just launched its latest incarnation, and has roped in some young Hollywood celebs to promote it. This includes actress Bella Thorne and Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things.

“We are thrilled to bring this advanced technological innovation to the 27 million LIKE App users worldwide,” said Aaron Wei, LIKE APP Executive. “While applications like Instagram and Snapchat are still trying to catch up to LIKE App’s current offerings, we are once again leading this dynamic industry and bringing consumers the cutting edge technology they crave.”

The company say that compared with other short video apps, the features of LIKE APP are unparalleled in the industry and offer users a perfect solution to easily develop and style music videos in just minutes.

It is now a heavy-hitting competitor for which is wildly popular with tweens and teens.

At the 2018 Think with Google Conference, LIKE APP was awarded “The Most Entertaining App” and “The Best Social App.”

LIKE APP’s 4D Magic allows users to create multidimensional videos at a level never before incorporated into a commercial application. In addition to providing unparalleled video editing technology at the touch of a button, LIKE APP users can compete in various challenges on the platform and win prizes ranging from followers to cash. “There are so many fun ways to play: space shift, magic body, micro world, giant attack and more,” as its App Store listing says. “From fantasy magic effects, romantic Cupid’s arrows to thrilling explosions, 12 kinds of super power ‘BOOM’ effects are here to make your video to Hollywood Blockbuster!”

This is everything that tweens and teens love.

Not only have they roped in young Hollywood celebs, Like App are using young Bollywood stars to influence the Indian market.

“We are excited to work with some of the most talented young people in Hollywood to showcase the extraordinary capabilities of LIKE APP’s new 4D Magic feature,” said Aaron Wei, LIKE APP Executive. “Before our easy-to-use app, people could only dream about creating blockbuster-style videos and now everyone can be a movie star just like our talented partners.”

With 25 million users across more than 200 countries, this stuff is big business. If you are currently using or considering marketing using then it looks like LIKEAPP needs to get your attention too. Keep up, marketers!


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