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Choosing the correct tone for the graphic identity of your company will help you position yourself and sell with the correct audience.

You have already registered the name of your business and now you are developing the logo and graphic identity. Do you already know what the colour of your company will be?

Believe it or not, the colour of your logo conveys a message. Leatrice Eiseman advises communicators to use the same colours throughout their strategy to create a complete “brand experience .” Here are five questions you must answer to select the appropriate shades for your brand.

1. What emotions do I want to invoke?

2. What shades are “ideal” for my industry?

3. What is the personality of my brand?

4. What colours are associated with my competition?

5. Do the colours obscure my message?

Take note of the following considerations if you are creating the image of your business.

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Sourced from Entrepreneur Europe

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