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There is one branding question I ask every client. It consists of 8 words: “Tell me why, I the customer, should care.”

No matter the answer, this is followed by one additional question consisting of 10 words: “Why do I know they’d tell me the same thing?”

Those 18 words, stop clients in their tracks, and I cover them in detail in the new episode shown below.

All of a sudden, the clouds part, the fog starts to clear, and a path (previously occluded) suddenly becomes visible.

Branding Question I Ask Every Client

But It All Starts With One Branding Question I Ask Every Client

It doesn’t matter if the company is global or local, decades old or a startup. In this episode, I reveal the #1 question I ask CEOs, CMOs, owners, startups, brands, founders, and entrepreneurs of all sizes and shapes.

It uncovers the ultimate blind spot of companies: being too close to “their babies” to have an objective view of what it will take to truly rise above the noise.

This is the subject of this 7th episode of One Minute Wednesdays.

It’s the terrible mistake of confusing passion with an impartial objectivity that one must have to properly assess what it will take to stand out and get seen and heard.

How did I do? See for yourself:

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Sourced from DBD International