By Thomas Griffin

Email marketing is one of the most crucial parts of promoting your business. Here are the metrics you need to track to improve your campaign’s ROI.

There are few things as necessary as your email marketing campaign. The success of your newsletter and other email-based promotional material can have a significant impact on the financial status and health of your company.

If you need to know what kind of impact your email marketing campaign has on your brand, consider the following stats from a case study by Delivra:

  • Email subscribers are three times as likely to share your content as those who discover your content on social media.
  • Automation in the email marketing field is causing a drastic increase in open rates. They report a 70.5% increase in open rates with automated emails.
  • A whopping 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content in their email inbox.

Now that we know why email marketing is important, it’s time to figure out which ROI (return on investment)¬†metrics you need to track to make the most of your lead list.

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By Thomas Griffin

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