Are your Facebook ads underperforming? Are you unsure how to get your ads to work better?

In this article, you’ll discover five issues that impact Facebook ad performance and how to fix them.

#1: You’re Bidding Against Yourself

The way Facebook ads work is that you’re in an online auction bidding for the chance for your audience to click (or do whatever your goal is) on your ad. You only pay when somebody completes your event—clicks on your ad, for instance—and your competition is other ads that also target the same audience.

You shouldn’t ever need to worry about bidding against yourself unless you’re running campaigns or ad sets targeting the exact same audience.

As soon as you target the same audience twice with multiple campaigns or ad sets (in the exact same time period), you’ve placed yourself in direct competition with yourself for prime real estate. You’re trying to place two different ads in the same place at the same time and show them to the same people.

Most likely when this happens, your campaigns will underperform and underspend. If you’ve also set a bid cap on your ads (which limits the value of the bid your ads place at auction), you may even find the ads don’t deliver at all. You’ve placed your ads into a bidding war that they can never win, and you’re going to outbid yourself into oblivion and then never spend a cent or gain a single conversion.

Here’s what to do: Avoid targeting the same audiences at the same time with multiple ad sets or campaigns.

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Sourced from Social Media Examiner