By Megan Dunsby

If you want to develop a successful content strategy for your small business then this webinar will show you the way.

Hosted by Peter Meinertzhagen, head of content at Nominet, the session will teach you what content marketing is, why it’s so important in web development, and how you can start to create a clear-cut content strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • The defining goals needed for a successful content strategy
  • How to identify target audiences
  • What types of content you should be creating, and how
  • How to promote content – including what free channels and paid channels you should consider
  • And, finally, what metrics you should be measuring to gauge whether your content strategy is working.

Meinertzhagen also addresses some of the common misconceptions of content marketing such as the myth that it only relates to blogging and that content marketing can’t be measured (when indeed it can!).

You’ll also gain a full understanding of the benefits of content marketing.

An effective content marketing strategy can support greater brand awareness, improved audience engagement, increased website traffic, leads for your business, improved marketing ROI, and can even support customer retention and loyalty.

We bring you this webinar in partnership with The UK Domain by Nominet. We’ve got tons more expert advice like this in our Building a website channel.

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By Megan Dunsby

Sourced from Startups