By Laura Forer

The two biggest misconceptions about direct mail, according to an infographic by direct marketing company US Presort, are that it is challenging to track results and it is too expensive.

But the reality, the infographic explains, is that direct mail has become more easily trackable since the USPS applied the Intelligent Mail Barcode, which allows marketers to follow every piece to a prospect’s mailbox. And the CPA (cost per acquisition) can be just slightly above that of email.

However, direct marketing needn’t be an isolated tactic or channel. The graphic lists others—including call-tracking, email, and social media—that can be integrated with direct to create a seamless multichannel marketing campaign.

For instance, 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online, the infographic claims, and brands that invest an extra 25% in additional channels double their response rates, on average.

To see more about how direct marketing fits into your multichannel approach, check out the infographic:

By Laura Forer 

Sourced from MarketingProfs


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