By David Miles

Google Ads is an online advertising platform which you can use to drive potential customers to your website when they are searching on Google for the products or services you sell. Google Ads was launched in 2000 and was originally called Google AdWords.

Google Ads is a way of getting your website to appear in Google search results. But it’s different from search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is about getting your website to rank highly in the organic search results on Google through a mixture of hard work and good fortune, whereas Google Ads is about paying Google to include your website in their search results.

So how does Google Ads work? Well, the key thing about Google Ads is that it is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. This means that you only have to pay Google if someone clicks on your advert to visit your website, unlike traditional print or broadcast advertising where you pay the publisher for your advert to appear even if it gets no response.

The Google Ads PPC adverts appear on the Google search results page at the top and bottom of the page, above and below the organic results. On a standard desktop display, there are usually up to seven ads on each page – four at the top and three at the bottom.

Here are my top three reasons why you should be using Google Ads if you want to grow your business (even if you are already doing SEO):

  1. It’s the only way to get to the top of Google

Because Google puts up to four adverts above the organic results, that means that even if you are really successful with your SEO and get to the top of the organic results, there could still be up to four paid listings above you. Basically, money talks. So if you want to get to the very top of the search results, Google Ads is the only way to do it.

  1. Instant results

When you advertise on Google Ads you will typically appear in search results within a few hours of going live. Compare that to SEO, where it usually takes three to six months to start any meaningful results.

  1. Get more traffic and more conversions…

A 2019 survey found that 63% of people will click on an advert on Google (so don’t be put off by those people who tell you they never click on the ads), which means Google Ads is a great way to get more traffic to your website. And, according to Unbounce, people who visit your site via these ads are 50% more likely to purchase something than people who find you via the organic listings.

According to Google’s introductory guides and videos, setting up a successful Google Ads campaign is easy.

First you choose your keywords. These are the words or phrases which will trigger your advert to appear when someone types them into the Google search bar. Your keywords need to be the type of terms that you think will be searched for by a potential customer. So, for example, the keywords for a website selling clothes might be things like:  dresses, bow ties, leather gloves, school shoes, short sleeve shirts, black jeans, scarves, etc

Then you tell Google your maximum cost per click (CPC) – i.e. how much you are willing to pay for each click on your advert. Google Ads works on an auction basis, so the amount you bid is one of the things that will affect how good an ad position your get. Generally speaking, the higher your bid, the higher up the page your ad will appear.

Having chosen your keywords and set your bids you then have to write your advert copy. The ads have tight limits on the number of characters you can use, so it’s important to get your message across succinctly.

Finally you need to ensure that each advert points to the most relevant landing page on your site so as your visitors always get straight to what they are searching for.

When you summarise it like that, it sounds like setting up Google Ads is pretty simple. But there’s a problem…

Google might earn more from your ads than you do!

Yes, that’s right. If you follow the default options and don’t take the trouble to explore some of the more advanced features of Google Ads, then you’re likely to end up spending a lot of money on clicks and getting little back in return.

I don’t work for Google and I don’t want you to give them more money than you need to. So I’ve published a short book that explains how to set up your first Google Ads campaign correctly and I’m giving it away to readers of this blog.

To find out more and to download your free copy just follow this link to 7 Simple Steps for a Successful Google Ads Campaign.

The free guide will have you up and running on Google Ads in under an hour and, by the end of today, you’ll have a new source of potential customers coming to your website.

By David Miles