Looking for ways to boost your credibility using social media? Wondering how to capitalize on positive company mentions?

In this article, you’ll discover how to incorporate social proof into your social media marketing.

Why Include Social Proof in Your Social Media Marketing?

The term social proof was coined by prominent psychologist and author Robert Cialdini. He described it as a psychological and social phenomenon that leads people (read: customers) to mimic the actions of others in a given situation because of an inherent need to conform.

In other words, when people are unsure of how to react or respond to a situation, they automatically look to others around them, under the assumption that these people—whether experts, celebrities, friends, or even other consumers—know more than they do and hence also know what should be done.

Social proof affects us in more ways than are immediately apparent. A testimonial from an expert you admire or trust on the landing page of a product is social proof. Similarly, chancing upon the logo of an industry giant on a tool or service that you may be exploring is also social proof.

Your tendency to prefer a product or a service that your friends have recommended or have tried out for themselves can also be attributed to the impact of social proof.

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Sourced from Social Media Examiner