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You can waste time reading hundreds of articles on SEO (which changes constantly, BTW), spend thousands of dollars learning the basics at school, or you can get access to a toolkit that breaks it all down for you.

With the GuinRank SEO content optimization tool, you can create content that Google automatically wants to rank. By running it through this AI tool, everything you publish will already be SEO-friendly. After all, since Google relies on artificial intelligence to rank and score web pages, it only makes sense to use AI to beat it at its own game.

GuinRank works by helping SEO beginners analyse their competitors’ keyword content and then providing ideas to write articles that easily result in the same search results. It features a keyword analyser (KA) that helps you understand exactly how hard it would be to rank for a search query based on the words you currently have. Then, you can adjust accordingly. It also features a content optimizer (CO), which increases your content’s relevance by simply recommending keywords to include within the sentences you already have. It will show you the top 20 Google results that pair with the subject of your content, so you can ensure your page ranks and shows up on search results.

See it in action:

GuinRank doesn’t just help show you which keywords to include in your content. It will even show you micro-niches on the internet that have little-to-no competition, so you can carve out a unique space on the web to get your content noticed and seen. You can even run your page through the page analyser tool, which will give you a Google score automatically, and show you what you can improve on.

A two-year subscription to this helpful tool is valued at $680. But, for a limited time, you can sign up for only $59.99.

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Sourced from Mashable

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