Is the world becoming swamped with content?

By MediaStreet Staff Writers

A recent survey by 10Fold has revealed that marketing executives now focus a substantial portion of their budget on creating and constantly delivering new content at an ever-increasing frequency. According to the research findings, nearly one-third of respondents are now producing content daily or hourly.

The report looks at current and planned content marketing budgets, frequency, type, development and measurement of content programs. It found that three-quarters of technology marketers plan to generate three times more content in the next 12 months than they did in the previous year; and 42 percent will spend €250,000 or more in the next 12 months on content.

Measuring the effectiveness of content is still a challenge for marketing executives. But it seems that soliciting customer feedback never goes out of style.

Key Research Findings:

  • Social media, video and webinars are cited as the best content “types” among all respondents
  • Top executives prefer video as a content medium
  • 44 percent of respondents say that lack of domain expertise is the top barrier for creating quality content
  • 99 percent of respondents use third parties to create at least 25 percent of their content
  • 83 percent of respondents report that third party generated content is at least above average
  • 80 percent leverage basic tools (Google Analytics) to track and measure content impact; followed by 60 percent using marketing automation systems

“The marketplace is constantly changing,” said David Gehringer, principal of Dimensional Research. “Based on the results of our research for 10Fold, there is no doubt that there is an insatiable demand among technology companies for content that has technical relevancy and that is delivered in a form, such as video and blogs, that is appealing to their buyers.”

It seems that the saying “content is king” still rings true, for now.