I had a nice chat with my buddy Don Dillonthe other day, and this was one of the big takeaways:

Once you’re a good photographer with a substantial body of work, NOW WHAT?

Meaning — what are your next steps in your photography? Some simple ideas:

  1. Use Adobe Sparkto make a dynamic website/portfolio of your best work. Then share the link with friends and family and ask them: “How do the photos make you feel?” Then add testimonials to the page.
  2. Publish your photographs as an “e-magazine” (digital magazine) by using iBooks Author (video tutorial)
  3. Use Adobe InDesign to create a print book layout, and send the PDF file to a local printer, to make a ‘zine’ (magazine) of your work. Start by printing 20 copies, and distributing them to friends and family for free. Based on their feedback, try to sell them to your followers for $19.95 each afterwards.
  4. Start blogging about your photographic experiences and life experiences. To keep it simple, signup on wordpress.comand start blogging! The secret: your blog posts don’t need to be “good”. Just make them honest, fun, and share your works in progress.
  5. Get your photos printed: I recommend contacting my buddy Brian Milo at my interview with Brian on the art of printing). I personally like printing my photos 8×12 inches as an optimal size.
  6. Continue to build your following: Start an email newsletter via I use here) and keep your followers updated with your progress.
  7. The rolling stone never gathers moss: Keep on rolling. The purpose is for you to keep making photography FUN! (Don’s idea). As long as you’re having fun in photography, you’re doing all the right things!


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