Want more sales from your ads? Wondering how to write Instagram ad copy that converts?

In this article, you’ll discover how to create ads specifically designed to sell products and services on Instagram.

Why Instagram Ad Placements Need Dedicated Copy

Instagram is often thought of as a purely visual platform, and while that’s true in part, the information you provide along with your ad visuals is what persuades the audience to take action. Getting your copy right is just as important as finding the perfect image or video.

When you use Facebook Ads Manager to create your Instagram ads, you can choose from multiple ad placements including Facebook. But you don’t want to rely on Ads Manager to auto-generate your ads from one set of copy and assume it will work on all placements. Instead, edit each placement so the copy works within the limitations of that platform.

For example, when you include links in your ad copy, they’re clickable in Facebook ads but not Instagram ads. So adding links to your Instagram copy is a waste of time and takes up valuable real estate. And people who are expecting to tap through to your website from the copy may get frustrated. To avoid this issue, stick with the features provided and direct the audience to tap on your call-to-action (CTA) button.

It’s also important to treat the ad copy for Instagram story ads differently from what you use in the Instagram news feed. Stories are displayed for up to 15 seconds so your audience won’t have time to read long copy. Plus, if you rely on Facebook to auto-generate story ads from your news feed ads, your copy is unlikely to display correctly.

Short, snappy ad copy is an effective way to capture your audience’s attention in an Instagram story ad. You can also get good results by using a captivating image and a strong CTA.

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Sourced from Social Media Examiner

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