By Lui Tong

Here are the best ways to expand your business and ensure sustainable growth. It is thinking local but acting global!

While we actually try to learn about what is happening in the market, it helps to understand the consumers. What they’re looking for is not just the next best product or the price but also which website is trustworthy. Trust converts into sales and sustainability, especially in the online format.

Being in Tandem with Customers
The market needs outlook, we are the current generation and our children, the next generation. If we look at shoppers today, they are different, they’re looking for fun and a high quality lifestyle. Categorized and personalised products are definitely required. Promotion and better shopping experience are also very important.

A Steady Stream of Loyal Customers
If we talk about loyalty, you can gain a customer today, but the question is will the customer stay with you? What do you do to entice them to stay. With the opening of cross-border trade, you can get goods locally and the same goods across the border. What we see here is the power of social commerce.

Why Selling is Not Enough
Selling is not enough. After you sell what you do to make sure that you have delivered a fulfilling experience is critical. Customer journey is the key online solution provider and it is getting more and more sophisticated for you to optimise and personalise experience. Financial services is also allowing you to have hassle-free payments.

Think Big
While doing business, we must think big. We have gone through waves and waves of disruption and have reinvented ourselves, but it is starting to pay back these days.

Power of Social Commerce
If you have a network of 200 friends who can buy together with you, then the growth is exponential. So is the power of social commerce.

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By Lui Tong

Sourced from Entrepreneur