By Jo Plumridge

If you’re a photographer, or someone who simply loves taking photographs you probably get a real thrill from taking photographs.

For those of us that take images, there’s real excitement from seeing stunning light and interesting people and places that we want to capture with our cameras. Making time to take photographs can be challenging in the busy, modern world. So how can we find ways to be more creative every day?

1. Don’t be afraid to daydream

This might seem like an odd thing to suggest, but multiple studies confirm that daydreaming and napping can actually help with the creative process. Giving yourself time to think up plans is such an important part of creativity, and allows the brain time to switch off and think about things that actually interest us. (And an afternoon nap isn’t the end of the world either if it helps you recharge your batteries!)

2. Think before you shoot

The trouble with digital photography is that it’s easy to just ‘snap’ away every five minutes. In some ways, this takes away from the magic of photography. Photographs can become meaningless when there’s less care and attention taken with what we’re actually choosing to photograph.

A great way to be more creative in your day-to-day life with your camera is to imagine that you’re shooting on film. Limit the number of exposures you shoot and you’ll start to pay more attention to what you’re shooting.

3. Switch off from technology

There’s so much digital noise in the world today. Email, the internet, social media – all these things take up our time and distract us from the world around us. We can often be so busy with the online world that we don’t leave space in our heads to appreciate the world around us.

And how can we be creative if we don’t ‘see’ the beauty in the every day? Take time to switch off from technology and you’ll allow yourself more headspace to be creative.

4. Don’t be too much of a perfectionist

Nothing stifles creativity more than the pursuit of being a perfectionist. Even the most experienced photographers can have a tendency to think their work isn’t good enough. We can think that we don’t have anything new or interesting to say with a photo, or that our shots would be far better if we had new gear.

But actually, focusing on negatives can stop us from being creative. Instead of putting obstacles in your way, just get out and start creating!

5. Embrace your natural rhythms

Another issue with creativity is that we can try and force ourselves to be creative at times when we’re naturally not. For example, I am not a morning person. I’m naturally at my most creative in the afternoon and evening. So it’s at those times that I will write articles or go out and take photographs.I’m naturally at my most creative in the afternoon and evening. So it’s at those times that I will write articles or go out and take photographs. If you stick to the times that work naturally for you, you’ll find it far easier to embrace creativity.

6. Seek outside inspiration

There’s a world of inspiration out there to help you spark your own creativity. Read up on other photographers, or explore the theory of photography. View photographs and think about what you like and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others and use it to fire up your own creativity.

In conclusion

These are just some ideas to help you start being more creative each day. Once you start applying them, you may well come up with more of your own! But the key thing is to find your inspiration and embrace creativity.

By Jo Plumridge

Jo Plumridge is a UK based photographer, writer and lecturer. She specializes in portrait, corporate and travel photography, and writes photography, travel and comedy pieces for magazines, websites and books. You can see some of her work at her website, follow her on Twitter or Google+.

Sourced from CONTRASTLY