By Allison McDaniel

Reported by Axios, Snapchat is releasing a new feature that lets news publishers upload their content in real time. Beginning today, more than 40 news publishers globally will use this new feature called Dynamic Stories to publish to Snapchat using RSS feeds.

Some of the US publishers include CNN, ESPN, Axios, The Wall Street Journal, TMZ, and others. International publishers include The Independent, The Mirror, Marie Claire, GQ India, and more.

The new feature is an automated process of converting stories from the web to Snapchat. Most web publishing systems already have RSS feeds, so content easily goes to Snapchat in a vertical format. The Axios article also states that Dynamic Stories won’t include videos for now but may in the future.

Once a story is published to Snapchat, it’ll be added to users’ Discover platform which updates in real time. Users can also find Dynamic Stories in their subscription feeds. Snapchat will highlight the articles in the “Happening Now” section.

The social media giant is also selling vertical video ads to post within Dynamic Stories and plans to share some of the revenue with publishers.

Sources from Snap’s partners, who have been in testing for months, say so far the partnership hasn’t driven significant income, but it offers publishers an opportunity to reach the ever-distracted Gen Z audience.

This isn’t the first time Snap has brought breaking news onto its platform. In 2018, Snapchat launched the NowThis news channel, featured in Snapchat Discover. Other major publishers have since created their own news channels.

Only verified publishers will be part of this platform. More news partners will join Dynamic Stories in the coming months.

By Allison McDaniel

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