Growing an audience on a social media platform is essential for bloggers. So should you get started on Instagram? Or is Pinterest the better option?

When you begin blogging, you’ll likely need to wait months or years before search engines begin to rank your website properly. However, you don’t need to sit around twiddling your thumbs until that happens. Social media allows anyone with engaging content to expand their audience.
Instagram and Pinterest are two platforms that many beginner bloggers turn to when trying to grow their online presence. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one will allow you to dedicate more energy to attracting website traffic. So let’s compare them.

Monthly Active Users

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When looking at monthly active users, Instagram is much bigger than Pinterest. According to Statista, Instagram has around 1.35 billion people using the platform each month. And by 2025, that figure is expected to reach 1.44 billion.

Meanwhile, Pinterest had—according to Statista—463 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2023. This is down from its peak in Q1 2021 when the platform had 478 million. However, it’s still not a bad audience base, and you could argue that finding your target audience will be less competitive.

Learning Curve

photo of pinterest page on a laptop

When choosing a social media network as a blogger, you need to think about whether you can continue using it as your audience grows, or if it’ll reach a peak saturation point. You must also consider what the learning curve is like.

The benefit of a bigger learning curve is that you’ll grow more over the long run. But on the flip side, you might become discouraged if it’s too steep in the beginning. In terms of app usability, Instagram is arguably easier to understand than Pinterest.

Instagram is quite an intuitive app. With Pinterest, you’ll need to learn a few extra things—such as how to design engaging pins and create boards. If you’ve decided that you want to use Pinterest, consider learning how to design a Pinterest Pin in Canva.

Growing Your Account

Man holding phone with Instagram on it

Social media can benefit businesses in many ways, and if you’re planning to monetize your blog later down the line, using social media is worthwhile. It’s hard to grow on most platforms, but some are easier than others. So how do Instagram and Pinterest compare in this respect?


Pinterest operates more like a search engine. Users look for topics that interest them, and they can do so using the search bar or checking their home feeds. If you publish consistently on the app, you can increase your monthly viewership—which may lead to more outbound clicks.

Gaining followers on Pinterest is sometimes challenging, but your follower count doesn’t really matter. Statistics such as saved pins and outbound clicks are more important for bloggers.


Getting noticed on Instagram is quite challenging, especially as a beginner. Although you’ll see a lot of advice about how often you should post and the types of content you should publish, you’re better off being authentic and posting when you need to. In that respect, you might want to build your blog audience first and let them naturally find your Instagram page later.

Content Diversification Options

Before picking your preferred social media platform as a blogger, understanding what types of content you can share is a good idea. Not only will you be able to determine what you should prepare in advance, but you can also pick a platform with a form of media that you like.



Instagram has evolved from being a simple photo-sharing app. Of course, you can share still images—and you have the choice to include up to 10 in a carousel post. However, since the introduction of Reels in 2020, video content has become more popular. If you want to stand out on Instagram, consider trying a selection of Reels ideas.

On Instagram, you can also share Stories in the form of both photos and videos. You can add stickers, along with encouraging your audience to ask questions and much more.


A Person's Pinterest Page With Photos


Pinterest also allows you to share videos with your audience, but these aren’t as much of a core experience as they’ve become on Instagram. You can also share carousel-style posts, but you’re limited to a maximum of five images.

If you like still images more than video content, you might want to think about using Pinterest over Instagram. At a later point, you can expand onto Instagram if you feel like you want to explore video content more.

Character Limits

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Even if you don’t start a blog on Instagram, knowing how to write engaging content both there and on Pinterest can help you build the audience you’re looking for. But prior to doing this, you should understand what the character limits are on each network.

When sharing a Pinterest board, you can only write a maximum of 500 characters. With that in mind, your descriptions should be brief and give users an idea of what to expect when they click on your link.

Instagram, on the other hand, lets you type up to 2,200 characters. But while you have more room to share your captions, you should still try to keep your writing as succinct as possible.

Image of a Pinterest Post With Link

The main goal of using social media as a blogger is to drive traffic to your website, and ideally, to also increase your newsletter sign-ups. Removing as much friction as possible can help in that respect.

Instagram lets you add links to specific posts, but you can’t use hyperlinks. As such, someone would have to copy and paste the link into their web browser. However, you can add links to your Stories and bio.

On Pinterest, you can add outbound links in each pin. Moreover, you have the option to include a link in your bio and claim your website.

Will You Choose Instagram or Pinterest?

Both Instagram and Pinterest offer several benefits to beginner bloggers, and you can scale with both of them as more people discover your work. Pinterest is an excellent tool for helping others find your content, especially if your site still doesn’t rank highly in search engines.

Instagram is arguably a better choice for more established bloggers, and it’s worth letting your audience find your account from your site—rather than the other way around. But you can build a close connection with your audience on Instagram, and you may find that it’s an ideal option for encouraging newsletter sign-ups.

By Danny Maiorca

Danny enjoys exploring different creative disciplines, especially photography. He has a degree in Sports Journalism and has been writing professionally since 2016.

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Top sites to grow real Instagram followers.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the U.S. – with over 2 billion people using the platform, according to Demand Sage. Because of how popular the platform is, anyone who wants to become an influencer has a lot of opportunities and a big chance to find their target audience. However, many would-be influencers give up after a few weeks once they see that gaining followers is very difficult.

Posting content and using the right hashtags used to be enough to get you noticed on the platform, but not anymore. Things have changed on Instagram to better accommodate a platform that sees millions of visits a day.

Now, the main focus of the platform is engagement, which is what you need to cater to if you are a novice influencer. Let’s learn a little more about the Instagram algorithm, so you can learn how to reach the top.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Before you can understand why buying followers is the best way to gain an organic following, you should first understand how the Instagram algorithm works. This will help you figure out a better social media marketing strategy that suits your needs as an established or upcoming influencer.

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that allows the platform to make informed decisions on which posts and accounts to promote. The algorithm’s goal is to make sure users spend as much time on the platform as possible. All social media apps compete with each other for attention and keeping users on their apps is how they win.

The algorithm helps Instagram by consistently showing users posts they are interested in, so they stay on the app for longer. One of the factors the algorithm uses to determine which posts to promote is engagement. Engagement is any act that a user takes on the platform, such as likes, comments, views, follows, and shares. Engagement indicates that the content is good enough to make the user act, therefore extending the time they stay on the app.

When users regularly engage with an account, they usually stay on it for a long time, either looking through the account’s history, reading other comments, or sharing and discussing the account with friends. Accounts with high engagement rates are very much preferred on Instagram, so they are promoted more by the algorithm.

An account with a low follower count isn’t going to generate enough engagement for the algorithm to notice it. The Instagram algorithm rarely helps out accounts with a small follower count, so if you don’t already have an audience, growing on Instagram will take a lot of time and energy – and even then, it is not guaranteed to work. If you had a lot of followers, however, then your algorithm rank rises considerably.

This is why buying followers is the ideal way to boost your Instagram profile. Purchased followers get the algorithm’s attention and make it notice your account. Once that happens, the algorithm will push your Instagram posts to new people, who will find your account and choose to follow you if they like what they see. This transforms a bought-following into an organic one if used correctly.

Each time you purchase IG followers, you’ll get a promotional boost on the platform, because the algorithm considers your account valuable – if only temporarily. This gives you the time needed to post more content, engage with your new followers, and make this advantage stick.

The six best sites to buy Instagram followers

So, how and where do you buy Instagram followers? There are many sites online where you can buy Instagram followers for your account, but you need to know how to choose the right one. Not all sites have the benefits you need to grow on Instagram, and there are plenty of scam sites you need to watch out for. If you’re not careful and you buy from a scam site, you could even get your account suspended on Instagram, in addition to losing the funds you spent on the disreputable site.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best sites where you can buy followers that will aid your Instagram growth. Apart from being able to buy followers, our trustworthy collection of sites can help you further by selling other forms of engagement, including Instagram likes, views, and comments. The more engagement your account generates, the more the algorithm will recommend your content. If you’re serious about becoming an influencer, consider purchasing their engagement packages and boosting your account as much as possible.

Here’s a list of the top US sites where you can buy Instagram followers.

1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is number one on our list for multiple reasons. They are the best at providing real Instagram followers that have a profound effect on the way the algorithm promotes your content.

Buzzoid offers active followers for your Instagram profile that will help you achieve organic growth. Aside from being a reliable growth service when it comes to the results you seek, you can also count on Buzzoid to keep your information safe and secure, no matter how many times you purchase followers from them.

Courtesy Image.

To buy from Buzzoid, all you need is your credit card or debit card, your email, and your Instagram username. Buzzoid will never ask for your password, nor will they ask you to store personal information on their website. They keep customer data safe using various kinds of web security measures. To top it off, they hold customer card information on a temporary server that gets deleted, so you never have to worry about your information getting stolen in the event of a rare breach.

Hesitant, first-time buyers can rest easy knowing that their data is completely safe, which is why Buzzoid is number one on this list as the best site for buying IG followers.

2. Twicsy

Twicsy only offers real Instagram accounts, not bots. Bot accounts are unreliable, which is why high-quality followers are recommended if you truly want to be in the good graces of Instagram’s algorithm. Bots get deleted by Instagram after triggering their spam detection system, so you’re always left with fewer followers than you paid for after just a few weeks.

Courtesy Image.

Real accounts have realistic usernames and profile pictures, and they are made by real people. Not only does this prevent them from getting deleted as easily as fake accounts, but they also look natural on your followers list.

Once you’ve purchased IG followers from Twicsy, you can expect quick and reliable delivery that’s completed in less than 24 hours. Unlike other sites, Twicsy doesn’t make you wait for the followers you paid for. This is another reason why buying from Twicsy works so well to promote your account on the platform. If you don’t have a lot of followers and you post a picture on Instagram, that post may only lead to one person following you. That’s not a lot of engagement.

Now, if you buy from Twicsy and post a picture as the followers roll in, the Instagram algorithm will think that your content was so valuable that it generated all that engagement. You’ll become the algorithm’s golden child in no time.

In the rare event that you don’t receive your order, Twicsy will offer free refills every 30 days to ensure that you get to keep all your followers on your account. What you pay for is what you get – indefinitely! This gives buyers peace of mind about their new follower package.

Twicsy offers many follower packages to choose from. Every time you want to give your account a boost, you can do so in a way that’s appropriate for the size of your account.

For example, if you’re just starting, you don’t want a drastic jump in follower count. You can start small, with a few hundred followers – that will be more than enough to promote your account on the platform and gain followers organically.

Once your account grows a little more, you can buy higher follower packages that give you a bigger push throughout the platform. This could be 500, 1,000 or even 15,000 followers – depending on the following your account already has.

Twicsy’s customer support team is available 24/7, so you can feel confident that they’re always there to help you answer any question you may have. To get in contact with Twicsy’s excellent customer support team, you don’t need to create an account or wait too long. Because they are always available, no matter what time of day you contact them, you can always expect them to respond quickly.

3. Rushmax

Sometimes, you need to increase your follower count quickly to impress sponsors or to take advantage of a trend. If you want an instant delivery, then Rushmax is the right site for you.

Rushmax specializes in delivering large quantities of followers in a very short amount of time. After you make your purchase, you’ll see the followers begin to roll into your account within minutes, making them one of the fastest sites when it comes to delivering followers.

4. TokMatik

TokMatik is a site where you can buy TikTok followers and engagement. If you’re more interested in Instagram marketing, you may be wondering how TokMatik can help you, but the truth is that gaining followers on another site can be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to gain followers on Instagram.

You can buy real users that will follow you on TikTok, increase your brand awareness on that platform, and then use your popularity there to promote your Instagram page. TokMatik makes it incredibly simple to generate interest for your account elsewhere and then use it for your Instagram popularity.

5. iDigic

If you want quality and reliability, iDigic is the site for you. They are so confident in their products and services that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply let them know and they’ll make it right.

Best of all, when you purchase followers from their company, you’re guaranteed to see more engagement on your Instagram page. Their packages contain quality Instagram followers that are sure to increase the number of organic followers you get with every post, whether you’re an influencer focused on pictures, videos, stories and more.

Their proven track record of success means you can trust that iDigic is the right choice for anyone looking to increase their online presence and reach their target audience more effectively.

6. The Social Net

The Social Net offers affordable prices and fast delivery. Their quality services are better suited for small business accounts, but serious influencers that are looking to turn their image into a brand can use their services as well. Although their cheap Instagram followers is a plus, their customer service team is a little slow in responding, so if good communication is a must for you, you may want to use another site.

Will I need to buy followers all the time?

If you buy followers once, will you need to buy again and again for the rest of your influencer career? If you want to reach 10,000 followers, will those 10,000 followers all have to be paid?

These are questions many first-time buyers have, and they are completely valid. The truth is, depending on your social media goals, you may need to buy followers multiple times, but not just to fill out your followers list.

Buying followers doesn’t just fill up your followers list with paid accounts. It gives you a boost in the algorithm so that Instagram promotes your account to the masses. However, this boost is only temporary and the account eventually hits a plateau as the promotional period for your account ends. When this happens, if you want to see another boost, you will need to buy more Insta followers.

But again, this is all dependent on the goals you have in mind for your account. If you feel like you can gain followers on your own after buying user accounts once or twice, just keep in mind that the process of gaining followers will be much slower, and you may not see fast growth anymore.

Why trust our picks?

Over the years, SocialFlow has established a consistent reputation for providing reliable and effective social media strategies to influencer clients. Our extensive experience in the industry means that we understand the latest social media trends, tools and techniques, and know how to use them to get the fastest results. You can read the social proof provided by our lovely clients on our website and see for yourself how our advice has helped the hundreds of people that trust our expertise.

We understand Instagram like the back of our hand and have worked with clients that use the sites we recommend above, so we have seen these businesses in action many times. Like you, we are highly invested in social media platforms and how they can help brands, which is why you can trust that you’re getting the best advice from industry experts.

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By Dawit Habtemariam

Destination marketing organizations are gaining followers fast. Now, they have to figure out what actual value Threads can bring to their marketing.

Destination marketing organizations are rushing to join Meta’s Threads: Destination Toronto, Visit Orlando, Visit Utah, Myrtle Beach, Fort Myers and many others have already signed up for the direct competitor to Twitter.

Because Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, these destinations have been able to grow their audiences quickly. Users login to Threads with their Instagram accounts and automatically follow the same people they follow on Instagram.

“We’re at about 10,000 right now. I would say a good 80% of that happened over the weekend,” said Paula Port, Destination Toronto‘s vice president of marketing. Visit Orlando has over 32,000 followers.

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users worldwide, according to Insider Intelligence.

So far, posting activity on Threads by these groups is uneven. Some haven’t posted anything while others like Visit Orlando have been posting daily.

Threads doesn’t offer advertising at the moment, according to the Wall Street Journal. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are the top spenders on social media advertising.

Destinations have been devoting fewer resources to Twitter. A new problem for Twitter has been the new blue check verification process, which requires a subscription. “We just kind of gone back and forth on what’s the value that we’re seeing there and it seems very unpredictable,” said  Utah Office of Tourism Director of Marketing and Communication Ben Cook.

Destinations haven’t developed a strategy for marketing on Threads. Destination Toronto hasn’t posted much and is reusing the text-based strategy and repurposing content it uses for Twitter. Utah is experimenting with a more humorous voice.


“There is not a huge lift and we’re not going to put a lot of time into developing a huge strategy until we just sort of see where it goes,” said Cook. Audience engagement on the platform looks good so far, he said.

What strategies destinations come up with for Threads depends on the platform’s evolution.

“It feels like it wants to be Twitter, but everyone from Instagram is there,” Port said. “Is Threads going to reduce our need for that news-driven content or is it going to be more like Instagram, which is more curated and has more of a visual aesthetic?”

Meta has not made Threads available in most European countries but hopes to in the near future, Tech Crunch reported.

By Dawit Habtemariam

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By Pesala Bandara

A terrifying new ad campaign featuring a deepfaked girl is warning parents against sharing photos and videos of their kids on social media.

The shocking advertising campaign, created by telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, has gone viral for its dark warning of the potentially devastating consequences of parents posting photos of their children online.

The haunting video — which has amassed over 5.5 million views on social media in the last day — reveals how just how easily a child’s image can be manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI).

The ad delves into the story of nine-year-old Ella. Like many parents today, Ella’s mother and father regularly post videos and photos of their young daughter on social media.

However, Ella’s parents have never considered how their daughter’s future could be destroyed by “sharenting” — the common practice of parents sharing photos or videos of their children online.

‘The Beginning of a Horrible Future’

In the ad, a deepfake version of an adult Ella is created with the help of AI — using just a single photo of the nine-year-old girl that her parents shared online.

The “older” deepfaked Ella can move and talk like a real person. And she confronts her horrified parents on the big screen as they watch a movie at the cinema.

The deepfaked version of their daughter reveals the terrifying repercussions that followed after her parents posted her photos and videos on social media.

The ad chillingly explains how children whose images are posted online could fall victim to identity abuse, deepfaked scams, and child pornography among other crimes.

The Average Five-Year-Old Has 1,5000 Photos Online

Adweek reports that some studies have estimated that by 2030, nearly two-thirds of identity fraud cases affecting a young generation will have resulted from “sharenting.”

Research also shows that an average five-year-old child has already had about 1,500 pictures uploaded online without their consent by their parents.

Last week, PetaPixel reported on how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg caused a stir across social media when he posted a family portrait on Instagram that obscured the faces of his two older children with emojis. Meanwhile, his infant’s face was not covered in the photograph.

It revealed Zuckerberg’s awareness that his elder children’s faces are developed enough to become recognizable by strangers online and by facial recognition software.

By Pesala Bandara

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By Clothilde Goujard

Meta’s social media platforms will be barred from behavioural advertising in August.

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram will soon be temporarily banned in Norway from tracking users online to target them with advertising.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority ordered U.S. technology firm Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, to stop showing users in Norway personalized ads based on their online activity and estimated locations. The ban kicks in from August, according to an order obtained exclusively by POLITICO and sent to Meta on July 14.

Meta’s advertising practice on Facebook and Instagram currently involves the “processing of very private and sensitive personal data through highly opaque and intrusive monitoring and profiling operations,” wrote Norway’s Datatilsynet agency.

The ban on so-called behavioural advertising will last three months, starting from August 4. Facebook and Instagram will be able to show people customized ads but only based on information given by users in the “about” section of their profiles.

Meta will face daily fines of 1 million Norwegian Krone (€89,500) if it doesn’t comply with the order.

The temporary ban could be lifted if Meta finds a way to legally process personal data and give users the rights to opt out of targeted advertising based on tracking, the order said.

The restriction comes after the Court of Justice of the European Union on July 4 ruled that Meta was unlawfully collecting people’s data to target them with ads without their explicit consent and based on the firm’s “legitimate interest.”

Meta is also currently under scrutiny from its lead privacy regulator, the Irish Data Protection Commission, over its advertising practices. The Dublin-based authority fined the social media company in January a total of €390 million for infringing Europeans’ privacy. It ordered Meta to find a new legal basis for its business model. The tech company has appealed the decision.

The Irish Data Protection Commission plans on making a decision on Meta’s legal basis for its targeted advertising operations “by no later than mid-August,” said the agency’s Deputy Commissioner and Spokesperson Graham Doyle.

The Irish regulator oversees Meta under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the whole of Europe because the tech company has its regional headquarters there. Other European countries such as Norway are able to issue national decisions for a time limit of three months in a “case of urgency” under the GDPR.

“The persistent state of non-compliance following the [Irish] decisions demand[s] immediate action to protect the rights and freedoms of European data subjects,” wrote the Norwegian data agency in its order.

The Norwegian regulator is the first European privacy authority to severely restrict Meta’s data-driven business following the EU’s top court ruling. It said it also plans to request an urgent binding decision from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) — the region’s network of privacy regulators — to decide on final measures.

The Irish Data Protection Commission said it has consulted with other European authorities and sent them a provisional assessment of Meta’s compliance with the GDPR for targeted advertising following the new court ruling. Authorities have until July 21 to make their submissions to the Irish DPC, Doyle said.

In a response, Matt Pollard, spokesperson for Meta, said: “The debate around legal bases has been ongoing for some time and businesses continue to face a lack of regulatory certainty in this area … We continue to constructively engage with the Irish DPC, our lead regulator in the EU, regarding our compliance with its decision. We will review the Norway DPA’s decision, and there is no immediate impact to our services.”

Feature Image Credit: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP via Getty Images

By Clothilde Goujard

Sourced from Politico


  • Instagram’s Twitter rival, Threads, has surged to over 100 million users, riding a hype wave.
  • But the new “conversation” platform has a fatal flaw: It’s going to be boring.
  • Meta’s vision of a “positive” environment will be better for brands than humans.


Instagram’s Twitter rival, Threads, has surged to over 100 million users in less than a week, an eye-popping figure that shows the sheer size of the hype wave it’s riding. But the app has a fatal flaw that will ultimately doom it to mediocrity: It’s going to be boring.

You can tell how boring Threads is going to be by the way Instagram parent Meta describes its vision: “To take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas.”

Here’s a question for Meta: What is it, actually, that Instagram does best? The platform has felt like a declining power since the rise of TikTok (which it copied with Reels) and hasn’t been inspiring to either everyday users or influencers for a long time. When I think about what Instagram still is best at, it’s giving creators and celebs an outlet to make money from sponsored content. That’s not a great starting point for Threads.

It’s clear that Meta wants Threads to be like Twitter (the two platforms look nearly identical), only more “positive” and advertiser-friendly — a good place for everyone to make money.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri further outlined the company’s vision when he said last week that while politics and “hard news” would “inevitably” show up on Threads, the company wouldn’t do “anything to encourage those verticals.”

I get why Meta is scared of politics, given the polarization in the US and how badly the subject warped Facebook. But Mosseri’s comment about “hard news” shows the company’s strategy is about avoiding more than just partisan outrage.

Hard news can be nebulous to define, but generally refers to a certain seriousness of tone and a slant toward uncovering information that has widespread impact. It also tends to skew “negative” and is often not advertiser-friendly. That’s part of the reason advertisers put hard news subjects like the climate crisis and Russia’s war in Ukraine on blocklists.

I understand the impulse to create an environment less full of harassment and hate than Twitter can be. But the idea of doing that by avoiding conversation topics perceived as negative seems a recipe for creating a very boring dinner party. How many of the most interesting conversations you’ve ever had were advertiser-friendly?

It reminds me of a quote from Agent Smith in the movie “The Matrix.”

“Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world?” he says, referring to the virtual world that the film’s machines use to keep human minds engaged while they harvest energy from their bodies. “Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster.” The humans didn’t believe it because it didn’t feel real.

I think Threads, a “conversation” platform designed with positivity in mind, will feel like a similarly sanitized world and will fail to engage users in the long run. Things don’t get weird on Instagram, a brand-friendly paradise where users perfectly curate how they want their lives to appear to others. So, what’s to suggest things will get weird on Threads?

And that means despite the early outburst of enthusiasm, Threads — like Instagram — might end up being better for brands than for humans.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram boss Adam Mosseri. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for WIRED


Sourced from Insider

After testing it out over the past few months, Instagram’s now rolling out the option to download publicly posted Reels to your camera roll, which will provide another way to share Reels content.

As per Instagram chief Adam Mosseri (on his Instagram channel):

“In the US, we’re rolling out the ability to download reels shared by public accounts to your camera roll. Just tap the ‘Share’ icon on a reel you love and selected ‘Download’.”

That’ll enable broader sharing of TikTok content, which, even without a direct link back to the creators’ profile, can still help to boost their branding, with the inclusion of their username on the clip.

Though there are some limitations. Some users have reported audio issues with some Reels content, which could be linked to Meta’s music licensing agreements. We’ve asked Instagram for further clarification on this element.

Creators can also opt out of enabling downloads of their content in their Account Settings, so not all videos will be downloadable, while you can’t save privately posted content.

And it’s only available to selected users in the US, at least for the time being. But outside of that, it’ll add another pathway for creators to maximize the reach of their content across platforms, following the lead of TikTok, which has enabled video downloads since forever, basically.

As such, the only real surprise is that it’s taken IG this long to enable the function – but it was likely looking to better protect creators by enabling linkage back to their original posts in the app. Or it was hesitant to allow users to download and re-use IG posts elsewhere – but either way, it’s here now, so stop asking so many questions.

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Do you plan to grow your Instagram followers organically? Well, who does not want to, but most of you are not as skilled as it requires. You need to follow various tips and tricks to get more Instagram followers and expand your Instagram platform.

In the near-decade that this digital media handle has been everywhere, it keeps modifying its algorithms and offering new features, meaning brands require constant profile growth.

Well, how do businesses adapt? By incorporating and trying out novel growth planes. Indeed some services can boost growth via offering paid followers and likes, but organic followers are best than things. It is best for the startups and newbies to buy these followers count but beware of the bots. If you are afraid of such scams, then look for the means to earn organic followers.

What describes Instagram Growth?

Instagram is the key element when you discuss the growth of your business. But how can you describe the development of these social media channels? It begins with the followers’ count you gain and have.

But to have these novel followers, you will require improving interaction with your profile business exposure and making a compelling post. Otherwise, why else would anyone follow you? If your Instagram growth is static and likes to add a little spark into your plan, suggest testing these tips.

Tip #1. Research

Whether you discuss this photo-sharing application or other online handles, the main key to the success path would be RESEARCH. In Instagram cases, you have to research your focused people. It is useless to run after the users who are not curious about your things. Via research, you might target a specific group of individuals who like to know about your services.

Here are the top tips to help on learning your focused audience:

Categorization: Begin categorizing your focused people based on multiple factors like:

  • location
  • age groups
  • main interests

Besides that, you are also required to explore that kind of post that shall draw their attention.

Communicate: Remember, communication is a magic potion to every brand’s growth. Thus, we would suggest you interact with your followers. Talking to the focused people would never be feasible. Hence you can make it happen via indirect means like feeds and stories. Via, these Instagram stories, you may ask them regarding their disinterest and interests.

Competitors’ analysis: You must always be conscious of your competitor’s activity. Assure that your business is going through your rival posting plan regularly. Also, study other factors too, like:

  • comment on the post
  • primary content

Increase Instagram followers: Buying Instagram likes and followers are famous these days. Many users go to get Instagram followers UK to mark their presence.

Tip #2. Planning:

After identifying your target people, you have to begin working on the content plan. Remember never to post anything randomly just for posting purposes. It would never help you in this manner, but in the end, it decreases your credibility. Hence, it will be it that you schedule your e post well before uploading it finally.

Tip #3. Support Similar Profile:

You must always follow a similar profile which is the same as yours. It’s a suitable means to keep some exposure. View and like on their content and show your presence. Take out time from the routine and interact with a similar profile.

Tip #4. Hashtag

Usage of #tags has been a suitable plan to have more followers. Using 30 tags is not necessary but use the relevant ones. In Instagram, it is the game of quality and not quantity. Remember the hashtag show the true image of your content in front of the target users.

Tip #5. Use other Mediums:

It would help if you always boosted your official profile on other social media handles. These may be Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. You can try out incorporating the widget to the official FB profile that can implant your Instagram information in the Facebook profile. Also, add the noteworthy Instagram profile to your Instagram account whenever you send an email.

Tip #6. Geolocation Tagging

If you upload the content from any Instagramable area, assure you use geotags effectively. If you are reposting any post or using the images, you must mention the concerned owners in the caption. Chances are more that your page will earn the same recognition. You must perform with joint interests; hence, you both get benefits.

Wrap it up:

Having fewer Instagram boosts although many activities on this channel shall offer you a bad feeling. But never hope because these tips will help you expand your Instagram profile effectively. All you require is patience.

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According to recent reports, a leaked marketing clip has provided a sneak peek into Instagram’s rumoured text-based app that could compete with Twitter.

According to recent reports, a leaked marketing clip has provided a sneak peek into Instagram’s rumoured text-based app that could potentially compete with Twitter. The app, which has been codenamed P92 or Barcelona, is referred to as “Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations” in the slide, according to The Verge report.

Users will have the convenience of signing in to the app with their existing Instagram username and password. Furthermore, their followers, handle, bio, and verification will seamlessly transfer over from the main Instagram app, the report said. The leaked marketing slides reveal that the new app resembles a combination of Instagram and Twitter, featuring a feed where users can make text posts up to 500 characters long, complete with attached links, photos, and videos.

Is Instagram planning to enter the Twitter arena?

According to the reports, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, seems to prioritise moderation controls from the outset. The leaked marketing slide mentions that users will have settings to manage who can reply to their posts and mention their accounts. It also suggests that any accounts blocked on Instagram will carry over to this new text-based app.

In an intriguing move, the app will also introduce an element of decentralisation. The slide indicates that compatibility with certain other apps like Mastodon is in the works, allowing users from these apps to search for, follow, and interact with profiles and content on the Instagram text app. This compatibility is likely to be achieved through ActivityPub, a protocol explored by Meta and other technology companies.

Should the app be widely released, it could further solidify Instagram’s popularity as a social media platform. As Twitter faces ongoing challenges, many users are actively seeking alternative platforms to share tweet-like updates. Instagram’s potential entry into this space could present a compelling option for those seeking a new online destination.

While the leaked marketing clip has generated excitement, official confirmation and further details from Instagram or Meta are still awaited, leaving users and industry observers eager for official announcements.

Feature Image Credit: Unsplash/Representative

By Ajay Sharma