Search Engine Journal has been reporting on the ongoing fight between Google and Australia regarding the News Media Bargaining Code.

Confusion ensued when Google continued to disagree with pending legislation that would force them to pay Australian publishers for the pleasure of showcasing their content in the SERPs, while simultaneously signing a deal to pay French publishers for their content.

However, when you look at the two agreements side by side, there is a clear difference.

The Story Behind the French Agreement

In 2020, French readers saw news results from European publishers pulled from the SERPs in response to a copyright law that was passed.

In October, Google announced that they were investing $1 billion over three years to pay publishers for content showcased on Google News Showcase.

The agreement with France allows Google to negotiate individual licenses whereby payment will be based on specific and measurable metrics. This includes Google paying on behalf of the reader for any content published behind paywalls, allowing users access to content they wouldn’t be able to see unless they made a payment.

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Sourced from Search Engine Journal

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