By Joseph Green

Learn all about this popular chatbot without spending anything.

Anyone who has used ChatGPT will know all about its enormous potential, but knowing about this chatbot doesn’t mean you’ll know how to really squeeze everything you can out of it. That’s where an online course could really help.

Fortunately, platforms like Udemy are offering a wide range of free online courses on ChatGPT. We’ve checked everything out and lined up a standout selection of free courses to kickstart your learning journey. We’re nice like that.

These are the best online ChatGPT courses you can take for free this month:

These free online courses do not include certificates of completion or direct instructor messaging, but that’s the only catch. You still get unrestricted access to all the video content, so you can learn at your own pace.

TL;DR: Find the best free online ChatGPT courses on Udemy. Learn how to make the most of ChatGPT without spending anything.

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By Joseph Green

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