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Digital marketing enables businesses to extend their reach through a variety of channels 

Before the internet took the corporate world by storm, businesses would buy commercial time on television, place ads in the local newspaper and send information about sales to their customers through snail mail.

Now, thanks to the advent of digital marketing, companies are able to get the word out about their products, services and sales through digital channels such as websites, social media, apps and emails.

In order to help use the power of this effective medium as effectively as possible in your own company, consider the following digital marketing tactics and tips:

Strive for Interactive Digital Content

When it comes to effective digital marketing strategies, strive to create interactive content. Unlike passive digital content (such as a blog post or video) that is merely read or watched, interactive content requires the user to be more actively engaged. In turn, the user will receive extra relevant information he or she can use when making a purchase. This approach should not only help improve a site’s conversion rate but can also lower the bounce rate and lead to more shares and backlinks, which is a key component of SEO.

Speaking of SEO, it Continues to Be Important

Today’s customers frequently use the internet to search for companies and products. To help ensure that your business pops up near the top of these searches, entrepreneurs must pay close attention to search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engines such as Google are constantly making updates and changes to their algorithms; this means that SEO is always evolving and must be updated and reviewed. While you don’t necessarily need to understand the variety of algorithm changes and how they work, it is imperative to have someone on your team who does. Or you could hire a digital marketing company that can help with this crucial task.

Know Your Target Customer

Before spending a lot of time and money on a digital marketing strategy, make an effort to know your company’s target demographic. This includes learning the social media sites your customers are most likely to use and then creating meaningful content on those sites. For example, while Facebook is definitely a useful social media site for business owners to use, younger shoppers may prefer to spend more time on Instagram and they may be more amenable to getting texts with information about sales and new products. As a business owner, you can check your customer data for demographic trends and you can also send surveys to gather specific info on how/where people would like to hear more about your company.

Mobile Optimizations are a Must

To get the most bang for your digital marketing buck, everything you do on social media, your website and on search engines must be easily visible on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly formats are not optional — they are virtually a requirement now for all business owners. Keep in mind that customers who are in a hurry for information will probably not have the patience or time to try to expand the information on their smartphone’s screen to see your site — they will simply click out and go to the next one.

When Done Well, Digital Marketing Can Be Highly Effective

Granted, TV commercials and print ads are still valid ways of advertising. But to really reach as many potential customers as possible, entrepreneurs must embrace digital marketing. From creating interactive content and making sure your website uses keywords that will boost SEO, to knowing your customer base and having optimized for smartphone viewing, your digital marketing strategies should help to grow your customer base and sales.

Sourced from BOSS Magazine

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