Because selfies.

By Mediastreet Staff Writers

A hotel company surveyed Millennials to see what they want from holidays. And it seems, they want to pose on social media and that’s just about it.

Holiday group commissioned a study into Millennial behaviour to best work out how to attract Millennial customers. It was conducted by One Poll in November 2017. The data they crunched was based on 9,000 respondents across 30 countries.

So were there any surprises? Not really. What do Millennials want from their holidays? It’s what we all want. To brag. And they don’t care if they are bragging to real friends or fake online friends. They just wanna brag. And most of us love looking at other people’s holidays, let’s be honest.

Whether it’s the deluxe suite, the hip hotel or the #foodporn, travel bragging has become an essential part of any trip. 30% of Millennials admit they spend over four hours a day on their mobiles whilst travelling, often more glued to the small screen than the beach scene.

When it comes to what social savvy travellers are bragging about on their trips, food snaps (44%) is up there. Travel braggers show off their #foodporn to those stuck at home with their avocado toast, posting weird and wonderful dishes from across the globe.

Being a generation of filter-loving, selfie-stick addicts, two out of three Millennials surveyed (66%) admit they would rather upload a selfie than a picture with their loved ones (62%) on holiday. Not only that, 60% of young travellers admitted to uploading pictures, checking in at cool locations (39%) and tracking the amount of interaction on their posts (32%) whilst on holiday.

The new global research has also proven the long-debated theory that romance really is dead, with 14% admitting they would rather travel with their smartphone than their partner. Travellers even get more anxious when their phone runs out of battery (15%) than if they argue with their partner on a trip (8%).

“We know that 28% of people wouldn’t enjoy their holiday without their smartphone in their hand – how could they possibly capture the best selfie or show off to their friends at home without it? Not only that, we also know that getting the perfect picture plays an even bigger role with 14% of travellers admitting they would pose anywhere for that flawless selfie, often putting selfies ahead of safety,” said Daniel Craig, VP of Mobile at brand. “With a third of travellers refusing to book a hotel that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi, there is a clear demand for travellers to be connected at all times.”



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