The London-based startup Auxuman plans to release a new AI-generated album a month, in a quest to see if robots can be creative geniuses.

What: AI musicians are a growing trend.

Who: Auxuman, an artificial intelligence startup up based in London

Why we care: Robots are coming for your playlist! AI personalities like Yona, Mony, Gemini, Haxe, and Zoya have the ability to put out a new full-length album via Auxuman every month. On average, most human musicians release one or two studio albums in a year, while rappers can put out up to three or four mixtapes in the same period, according to Digital Trends.

Auxuman dropped its debut album on September 27 and plans to continue releasing AI-generated albums every month on YouTube, SoundCloud, and elsewhere. The music is generated through engines that create the words, melodies, and a digital singing voice.

Does this mean that AI could be the death of human musicians? No. It’s not doomsday for the music industry just yet. The AI personalities sound like robots, which is certainly not everyone’s taste. There’s also the cult of personality. The average fan would probably prefer to imagine an actual human being behind the vocals and synths, no matter how autotuned they are. Nothing beats actually meeting idols in the flesh. However, AI could be another supplementary creative component used in music.

“There is always [a shortage of people] giving birth to a new genre,” Ash Koosha, Auxuman founder, told Digital Trends. “Due to the economic nature of the act of making music for humans, we are naturally submissive to forms that have been successful. We believe machines [can] blend and merge forms and styles [and in the process], find the next exciting sound.”

But then where does that leave the concept of creativity? The dictionary definition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas, especially with regard to artistic work. A computer can’t be imaginative; it’s interacting with algorithms and data. So the human mind wins this round, but who’s to say there isn’t a genius tune to be made by interweaving AI-generated sounds into notes arranged by human beings? So, musicians and producers, keep your instruments and Magix Music Maker locked and loaded.

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By Starr Rhett Rocque

Sourced from Fast Company