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Sometimes, it can feel like online marketing is like throwing money into a bottomless pit. Social media ads, while useful, can get expensive and your budget may not support much experimentation. Creating an SEO friendly blog is a free solution to new customers.

Online marketing can get expensive, especially if you are a small business with not a lot of room in your budget. For many business owners that are just starting out, it is not realistic to spend hundreds of dollars every week on new ads that may or may not convert. Savvy business owners can save money by starting a blog on their website to gain traffic organically.

Your website is already a big advertisement for your product, and you just need potential customers to get there to sell it. Creating a SEO-friendly blog on your website is a way to get more customers to come flocking to you without spending a dime.

One business that does this very well is Grammarly. Grammarly is a company that sells software that helps improve your grammar and readability of documents. If you Google different common grammatical questions, Grammarly is typically among the first results.

The post should answer the question you searched, and then subtly advertise your product within the answer to the question. One example is if you search for “is year old hyphenated”, one of the first results is this article: The article answers the question in great detail, but it also weaves in many ads for their product seamlessly. Readers will be satisfied with the content of the article as it answers their question, and they will also be informed of the product that Grammarly is selling.

Blog posts should cover topics that you think your customers would be interested in, and they should have valuable content as this will be your potential customer’s first impression of your company. If your business sells coffee, you would not create blog posts about how to effectively mow your lawn, but you might create a post detailing how to properly clean your coffee machine.

The hardest part about starting a blog is just that; starting. Once you start publishing your blog posts on your website, they will stay there as long as you keep them there, consistently bringing you traffic.

Creating a blog is not going to miraculously give you a huge increase in sales, nor is it a replacement to more traditional marketing methods, but it is a great addition to your marketing strategy and the benefits will slowly increase over time. The best thing you can do to increase your exposure to more potential customers without breaking the bank is to start a blog, and to start it NOW. The longer you wait, the longer it’ll take for results to happen.

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Sourced from 24MATINS.UK

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