“We will not stop until beauty is a source of happiness.”

Personal care brand Dove has become known for its campaigns championing real people with real bodies, as exemplified by its shunning of TikTok ‘beauty’ filters. And now, the brand is targeting AI in the latest iteration of its decades-old Real Beauty campaign.

The brand announced this week that it will never use AI-generated imagery to represent “real bodies” in its ads. And in a powerful short film, it takes aim at the generic and unrealistic beauty standards depicted in images churned out in text prompts such as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” (For more great ad campaigns, check out the best print ads of all time.)

Alessandro Manfredi, chief marketing officer at Dove, adds, “At Dove, we seek a future in which women get to decide and declare what real beauty looks like – not algorithms. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges that come with new and emerging technology, we remain committed to protect, celebrate, and champion Real Beauty. Pledging to never use AI in our communications is just one step. We will not stop until beauty is a source of happiness, not anxiety, for every woman and girl.”
Indeed, over the 20 year course of its Real Beauty campaign, Dove has repeatedly proven itself to be a force for good. From shunning AI to helping game developers code natural hair in an effort to increase diversity in video games, the brand’s inclusivity credentials continue to impress.
Feature Image Credit: Dove


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