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Company: Administration

Title: Administration is the quarterly journal of the Institute of Public Administration. It has a circulation of approximately 2,500.

Tel: 01 240 3600

Fax: 01 668 9135

Company: Better Business

Title: Better Business, a quarterly magazine in association with the Small Firms Association, is dedicated to the small business community in Ireland. The publication offers solution-led content including articles, news and views on matters important to small businesses; from access to capital to scaling your company, from HR to bankruptcy laws. It also has a website – – keeping you informed about the latest news on small businesses in Ireland.

Tel: 01 432 2200


Company: Business & Finance Media Group

Title: Established in September 1964, Business & Finance magazine has, for five decades, recorded some of the key business milestones across a history of Irish business over nearly 2,500 issues.

Tel: 01 237 7000


Company: Business Eye

Title: Business Eye was first published in 1999 and since has grown in stature to become the leading business magazine serving the Northern Ireland marketplace.

Tel: 048 90 474490

Fax: 048 90 474495

Company: Business Plus Print & Digital Edition

Title: Established in 1998, Business Plus is Ireland's largest circulation business magazine.

Tel: 01 660 8400 / 660 4385


Company: Decision Ireland's Business Review

Title: Decision Magazine is a thought leadership business publication that targets senior corporate readers in Ireland. It has a controlled circulation – principally amongst CEOs and heads of function in the top 1,000 companies in Ireland.

Tel: 01 217 9418


Company: EThursday

Title: Weekly Article published every Thursday in The Irish Independent

Tel: 01 625 1425

Fax: 01 625 1402

Company: Finance Dublin

Title: Ireland's finance monthly, with news and analysis of Ireland's international financial services industries.

Tel: 01 293 0566

Fax: 01 293 0560

Company: Irish Director

Title: Affiliation: The Institute of Directors in Ireland.

Tel: 01

Fax: 01 625 1402

Company: Purchasing and Supply Magazine

Title: Each issue provides a wide scope of practical advice and informative articles from experts and practitioners around the world – technical applications, best practices, methodologies, trouble shooting, case studies ...etc

Tel: 041 98 732 13


Company: Stubbs Gazette (Republic & Northern Ireland)

Title: StubbsGazette is the definitive legal and business information journal renowned in Ireland as the benchmark publication for accurate and up to date information on Judgments and insolvencies.

Tel: 01 672 5939

Fax: 01 672 5948

Company: The Market Magazine

Title: The Market magazine is dedicated to inspiring Irish companies to internationalise and to providing know-how and market intelligence on overseas markets, opportunities and strategies for selling internationally.

Tel: 01 727 2912


Company: Ulster Business

Title: For almost 25 years, Ulster Business has given professionals the insight, information and inspiration they need to make smarter decisions about business, finance and careers.

Tel: 048 90 783200


Company: Business Doctors | Business Consultant and Management Consulting Ireland

Title: Business Doctors is a business support network dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their vision.

Tel: 1800 938 858


Company: Dry Cleaners

Title: Cleaning

Tel: 01-840 0777


Company: MOFT

Title: MOFT

Tel: 0991481997